This Isn’t Your Mom’s Back Massager

by May 9, 2015
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In the beginning, there was the Hitachi Magic Wand. It was the first major commercially-available vibrator with the intention of providing much-needed, stress-relieving orgasms to women. Still a major seller on the market, it’s large, powerful and reliant upon an electric outlet to plug it in.

Since those early days, there has been an evolution of vibrating wands, which often also double as body massagers. The Palm Power Massager is the latest model, and it represents both power and beauty.

The design looks almost like a hand-held microphone. It’s sleek, with a silicone top that can pop off and be washed. The rest of the device is not waterproof, especially since it needs to be plugged in. The adapter is included in the box. The handle is made from ABS plastic and is easy to keep a grip of. The cord on the adapter is quite long (about 100 inches), which can be a benefit in terms of mobility. Also, there are a variety of adapter plug ins to fit outlets in different parts of the world. I think this is probably the first time I’ve seen that kind of variety in one package. So, if you’re a world traveler, that is a bonus.

Without a doubt, the Palm Power lives up to its name. It’s probably the most intense vibrator I’ve ever used. The speed starts off pretty high with a deep rumble and goes to a literally numbing buzz by holding down the power button. Letting go of the button and then pressing it again turns the device off. Once you turn it on again, you’re back at the beginning. So, if you overshoot your comfort level you have to keep turning the device off and on until you get it right. This may cause a little bit of an inconvenient interruption.

And let me tell you, those higher speeds are very, very fast. We’re talking extreme buzzing. Still, the unit remains relatively quiet, unless it happens to come into contact with a hard surface. You can definitely use this to massage other parts of your body quite effectively. On the down side, when used in the genital area, it can almost be too intense at times to put directly on bare skin. It all depends on how much you can tolerate. The Palm Power is the perfect vibrating wand to get off through your clothes. And, if you’re in a hurry, racing through those speeds might make you orgasm in record time.

There are a few interchangeable heads available to purchase separately, which might diffuse some of the intensity. Because the head pops off it’s very easy to clean. However, if anything gets elsewhere on the device, care is needed because it is not waterproof and there are ridges under the head to make it bend easier. Toy cleaner is therefore a must.

Still, if you prefer toys that are slower and more gentle, this is definitely not the right one. As for me, while I wish the device was waterproof and I wish there was at least another button to control the speed, as someone who like intense vibrations I have to say that the Palm Power will definitely continue to be a product I will use over and over again.

The Palm Power Massager is available at The Traveling Tickle Trunk for $94.

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