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by June 26, 2015
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Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher

I started FLURT as a twenty-year-old university student who needed to feel heard. I had just gotten out of a bad relationship, was struggling with mental illness and desperately wished someone else had written about the same issues I was going through. I longed for a positive, inclusive community where I could learn from the experiences of other young women. So, I started writing about my life, and soon my classmates joined me. Then young women from the US, Canada, the UK and other countries joined me as well.

Throughout the last 5 years FLURT has turned into an essential community for so many young women – as well as a growing number of trans men, trans women, non binary people and men who support a healthier form of women’s media. We’ve worked hard growing our team, renovating our website, updating our YouTube channel and publishing numerous digital magazines. And after all this time running FLURT and proudly watching it become the positive, inclusive space we’ve needed, we’re finally ready to take the next step: Publishing a print magazine.

Aren’t you tired of seeing photoshopped publications in the grocery store promoting gossip or negativity? Wouldn’t it be cool to see a positive magazine at the checkout line that not only relates to readers but allows them to be a part of the publication? That’s why FLURT strives to be an international community of young people who are writing their own media. Our goal is to become the first socially conscious women’s magazine on mainstream stands – and the only thing keeping us from that goal is the funding to do so.

FLURT is a magazine that builds young people up rather than tearing them down. We promote real bodies instead of photoshop, real issues instead of gossip and ethical and affordable products instead of letting corporations influence how we live. FLURT is a community where young people not only talk about what really matters to them – whether it’s anxiety disorders, body positivity or same-sex relationships – but have a say in what goes into each issue as they take roles as writers, editors, designers and photographers.

We’re bringing a current and hard hitting publication to the mainstream while still providing our readers with the fun and flurty vibe they want. Young women are grossly misrepresented by magazines around the world, and we’re ready to put a stop to that. We are not little girls who are going to sit idly by while we’re told what to think, do, wear, buy – but GURLS who will FLURT with society to change social norms.

Beyond the gossip and the brands and the beauty articles there is so much more readers care about. We know that we’re long overdue for a change in the publishing industry, and it starts with us. We are the ones who will decide what the future looks like, because we will be the ones writing our own media.

To support our kickstarter or to learn more about it, click here.

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