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by June 27, 2015
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Photo by Jarusha Brown

Last month we shot the campaign video to get FLURT in print, and a number of young women came over to talk about what FLURT means to them. When the shoot day arrived, I was more than nervous to be on camera. Generally I like to stay behind the scenes and make sure everything is running smoothly rather than be the centre of it. However, Angie Winona, who came on board to shoot the film, made me feel very comfortable, and soon enough I could breathe as it was time for the rest of the team to be interviewed as well.

After 5 hours of hanging out with other women, talking about issues that matter to us, eating yummy food and even doing a clothing swap, I left feeling tired but overjoyed, as well as grateful for having such a supportive team. One of those supportive women is Angie, who is incredibly passionate about the work she does. Angie and I talked about her career as a filmmaker, what drives her to showcase important issues and what advice she has for women pursuing a similar path.

“What I love about film is that I’m able to combine it with art,” she says. “My interest in film is mainly in documentary, on social issues, mental health issues and environmental issues.”

Angie, who’s working to complete her masters in counselling psychology, did her first documentary on mental health and the history of Riverview Psychiatric Hospital. She says that mental Illness and access to treatment is an issue close to home, and that the film highlights the complexity of the issue as well as popular myths about Riverview Psychiatric Hospital.

On the opposite spectrum, Angie’s next project, Illuminated, allowed her to dive into more of her creative side and to collaborate with a contemporary dancer named Jen Aoki. Angie says that she’s always loved the human body and it was great working with light and movement, as well as combining dance with film.

It’s clear in her work that Angie takes pride in everything she creates – whether it’s photography or video production – and I was lucky enough to witness this passion firsthand. Deep in thought behind the camera, Angie made sure that every last detail was perfect and that the message of the campaign video was portrayed clearly.

When she’s not studying psychology or shooting a film, Angie’s true to herself and what makes her happy. She enjoys summers on the beach, living a healthy lifestyle – including yoga, biking and hiking – and collaborating with other artists. She also loves traveling, painting and sculpting.

When asked what advice Angie has for young women who are pursuing a similar field, she gives a refreshingly honest answer: “All I know is that it’s hard,” she says. “I continue to learn and grow with each new project I take on, and I’ve learned how important it is to have people that support you, believe in you and can help show you the way.”

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