Pee Standing Up Thanks to the pStyle Revolution

by June 28, 2015
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The pStyle is a product that might actually save my life. Okay, that might be exaggerating a bit – but using it may be a life-changing experience.

pStyle allows a woman (or transgender man) to pee standing up. It’s made of plastic that’s basically shaped like an open funnel. The way to use it is as follows: Put it between your legs while holding it with one hand, tilt it down slightly while gently leaning forward (bending slightly at the knees helps), and let it flow. The pStyle comes in a variety of colours, is easy to clean and transport and is one device that’s likely to cause a revolution.

Why is this device so revolutionary? When I was younger, I used to play the ‘what if?’ game with my friends. One of the questions we would invariable come up with was, ‘what if you woke up one morning and discovered you were a man?’ The answer, more often than not, was to run outside into the backyard, whip it out, and pee standing up.

It’s indeed true that many of us cisgender women have a fantasy of being able to pee standing up simply because it’s practical in so many situations. Most of us have a horror story to tell about having to get half undressed so we can hover our genitals over a filthy toilet or outhouse. These are problems that cisgender men simply don’t have – so why should we have to suffer just because our biological plumbing is different?

If you go camping, you can pee in the open air. If you’re at a music festival, you don’t have to sit atop the nastiness if all you have to do is number one. If you’re in a super snug stall and just don’t have the room to hang your coat and things you’re carrying, you can just go as you are (this is especially relevant to those of us in northern climates who often wear several layers of clothing at certain times of the year).

I’m one of the women who wishes I could pee standing up, not because of gender issues, but simply because it’s practical. And, I’ll admit that I’ve used similar products in the past that were made of a kind of laminated cardboard, which worked in a similar fashion but weren’t really reusable. The pStyle, because it’s plastic, can be cleaned easily. Recommended cleaning is with soap and warm water, or a sanitary wipe of some kind if soap and water aren’t available.

Also, another benefit of the pStyle is that you don’t need toilet paper. We all know that feeling when you realize you don’t have any TP available – usually when you’re sitting on the toilet past the point of no return and your bladder is emptying away. However, with the pStyle, once the bladder is empty and the flow has stopped you just use it to wick away the remaining moisture.

As a tip, wearing loose pants or a skirt makes the pStyle easier to use. Also, it doesn’t require exposing one’s bottom half completely, which is good to know if you’re going to pee outside.

The pStyle is available to order online at the Traveling Tickle Trunk for $21.

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