This Japanese Dish is Perfect for Summer Dinners

by June 18, 2015
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My partner and I have both been to Japan on separate occasions but can’t afford to go back any time soon, so while reminiscing about the food we ate while staying there we’ve been making a lot of Japanese food lately. The great thing about Japanese food is that not only is it really healthy and affordable, but it’s also great for those with dietary needs, such as gluten free, vegetarian, etc.

One of our favourite, quick recipes is edamame and beef steamed in soy sauce over sticky rice. It’s easily accessible to different lifestyles, so if you’re gluten free make sure to buy a wheat free soy sauce, and if you’re vegetarian just replace the beef with a a few large, white mushrooms. You can also replace the beef with chicken or fish to lower the cost.


-1 petite tenderloin steak (or whatever kind of beef you can afford)
-1 yellow onion
-Soy sauce
-White sticky rice
-Frozen edamame
-Cooking oil (I used avocado oil)
-Salt and pepper to taste


1. Add 2 cups of water into a pot and boil
2. Add 1 cup of rice into boiling water and cover
3. Set a pan on medium and add a handful of chopped onions (the larger the better)
4. Add a handful of frozen edamame into a bowl of hot water to soften
5. Slice the beef into even pieces and add it into the pan
6. When beef starts to look brown add soy sauce, salt and pepper and stir until fully cooked
7. Pop the softened edamame pods out of their shells
8. Serve the beef and edamame over rice and enjoy with chopsticks

This recipe serves 2, so make it for a dinner date or double the recipe to host friends!

What did you think of my recipe for edamame and beef steamed in soy sauce over sticky rice? Let me know in the comments below!

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