Lindsey Stirling Heats Up SummerStage30 in NYC

by July 10, 2015
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Lindsey Stirling

Photo by Anna Sejuelas

Central Park is a bit daunting sometimes, with all of its fields and parks and whatnot – so when I arrived for Lindsey Stirling’s SummerStage30 I couldn’t find the venue because I’m terrible with directions. But as soon as I saw the line that stretched from E72nd to around the block I knew I found the right place.

Lindsey Stirling is a classically trained violinist from Gilbert, AZ. Her music is personal and electrifying, helping her climb the charts and collaborate with popular artists such as Echosmith’ Sydney Sierota. The violinist has garnered more than 675 million views on YouTube and sold out concerts in cities worldwide. You may recognize Lindsey from the 2010 season of America’s Got Talent as the dancing dubstep violinist that judge Piers Morgan said the world had no place for. Well now she’s found her place – not only within the music industry, but also in the hearts of her fans.

When the golden hour finally arrived at 7pm, the crowd hollered Lindsey’s name as crew members began to set up her stage with holographic images of her dancing, colourful backgrounds via video screen that reflected the titles and content of her songs and lots and lots of fog. The stage went dark and various neon lights illuminated the stage, with Lindsey emerging as she played her violin and twirled and leaped across the stage. The crowd went wild as Lindsey fiddled her way into some of her biggest hits: Moon Trance, which featured her rad all-women backup dancers as zombies in a Thriller-style graveyard (and may or may not have had Piers Morgan’s name on one of the tombstones as a little joke); Pirates of the Caribbean, her self-coined ‘nerd medley’ which is a group of theme songs from popular video games like The Legend of Zelda and Assassins Creed; and Swag, performed with keyboardist Jason Gaviati and drummer/percussionist Drew Steen.

Lindsey then took some time out from performing to speak about her past struggles with depression and an eating disorder, and how it was a long road to learning to love herself. But in the end, she said she managed to stay positive and found her way out of the darkness through her violin and her dancing. This kind of uplifting spirit finds itself in her music, such as Transcendence, a song where hope, encouragement and love is felt through every verse.

Crystallize was the next song of the night, and the crowd went absolutely wild when Lindsey actually started it off by singing the lyrics. Everyone pulled out their cell phones to record the rare moment. I didn’t even know she could sing – and let me tell you, gurl has major pipes. Like a true triple threat, her voice as crystalline as the song she played.

The last song Lindsey performed was Shatter Me, which is about her struggle with an eating disorder and how she overcame it. The song features Lzzy Hale singing on the original track. This was easily the most anticipated song of the night – and rightfully so. Stirling’s backup dancers killed it with their ballet moves, and so did she, playing with grace and fervor as the crowd belted out Hale’s part and fireworks went off to the sides of the stage.

Lindsey is claiming her own in the music industry – re-introducing classical music by intertwining it with the biggest pop songs from the charts. She manages to lift what would be thought of as a regular violin concerto to new heights. Anything by Lindsey Stirling is worth listening to, and as someone who had never seen her live before this I urge you to search her tour dates and get tickets for her show.

Did you catch Lindsey during the Music Box Tour? What do you think of the way she’s revolutionizing music? Let me know in the comments below!

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