5 Simple Things to Do When You’re Feeling Down

by August 12, 2015
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This happens to all of us every once in a while doesn’t it? You can’t find a reason to get out of bed and you’re generally not feeling inspired or excited for your day. I personally am a gurl who likes to keep busy most of the time. This comes back to bite me as the demands of life can quickly get overwhelming. If you’re just having one of those days or going through tough times, these are some suggestions that I hope will help you. These activities are great because they change up your routine, allow for a new perspective and most of all they are fun!

Here are things to do instead of lying in bed watching Netflix that are sure to shift your mood!

1. Try a class you’ve never done before.
Try a class that pushes you out of your comfort zone and gets you moving or creating. It’s easy to find a wide array of classes. You can do a quick Google search or go your local community center. There will often be drop-in classes for every age. There are so many possibilities: Art, dance, music, cooking, writing, sports, language and so on. Do some digging and you’re likely to find something that sparks your interest. Personally, I love Zumba classes. I enjoy dancing and have a background in dance. I took many technical and demanding classes when I was younger. What I love about Zumba that is unique is that it is high energy but low on technicality. This way you can jam to the beat without worrying about getting the moves right. Whenever I need a little energy pick-up right at the beginning of the day, I head over to a morning Zumba class and dance my heart out to the Latin beat. A new class is a great way to change up your schedule, learn a new skill and make friends.

2. Watch a movie at the theater in the daytime.
Watching movies at the theater is already a recreational activity most people do. Experience it in a new way by going to a movie by yourself early in the day. Oftentimes, going to the theatre is done with a group of people – if it’s anything like my movie nights with my friends, it’s always a rush to get there on time and try to save seats for everyone. Take the stress out and simply treat yourself. Pick a lighthearted genre or something you enjoy, buy some popcorn and live vicariously for a bit. It really is quite soothing and a cool experience to watch a story come to life on a big screen in a room all by yourself – no whispering people or texting to distract you. You could also change up your watching experience by going to a drive in movie theatre or outdoor theatre. This is great to do on a summer night and always makes the viewing experience more unique and special.

3. Take a staycation in your city.
Whether you live in a big city or a small town, getting lost is something that can be achieved with minimal effort. Pick somewhere out of town or any place far enough away that you’ve never been to before. Whether you’re walking, driving or bussing – make a travel playlist to jam to on your way there. I find that even the journey can be invigorating. Once you are there, go to the recommended spots and be a tourist for a day! Take pictures, talk to the locals, visit a museum or buy yourself a sweet or savory snack. Staycations are really cool because they allow you to look at the beauty of somewhere that you might otherwise ignore. The best part is getting time away without a huge hit to your bank account.

4. Volunteer for a cause you’re passionate about.
Volunteering is an amazingly simple way to lift your mood. It’s important to volunteer for an organization whose work you really care about. Doing something for others allows you to look past your own issues. You shift your focus from yourself to others. This allows you to look at life from a different perspective. Volunteering isn’t just about helping others but how everyone grows from the process of trying to do good. No matter how small it is, everyone can make a positive change in the world!

5. Journal your thoughts and feelings.
Write about your day. Often times we go about our life at one speed and don’t take a moment to pause and reflect. Take time out to be introspective. Think about your feelings, hopes, disappointments, and life in general. Then just write. Write down everything that crosses your mind. It doesn’t have to be deep – just unload. This is a therapeutic way to calm a racing mind. The added benefit is that you can track your growth as time goes on and it’s always a cool experience to look back on how you felt on a particular day.

What activities are you going to try? Let me know in the comments below!

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