9 Affordable Fashion Trends for Fall 2015

by August 14, 2015
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faux fur


Fashion trends from the past are always popular, and this fall is no exception: Looks from the 60s and 70s are some fall favorites. Following trends is fun, but at times it’s challenge to know where to buy the styles. Many trends are high fashion and catered for a select demographic, so knowing where to buy the styles for prices that aren’t several hundreds or even thousands of dollars is the first step. To buy most of these looks for a reasonable price, you will need to look online. This can be daunting at first, so I have hunted for great trends at great prices.

1. Baby doll dress
Try out a look from the 1960s with the baby doll dress. This short, loose-fitting dress varies in sleeve length, from straps to long-sleeves. It is a simple but cute look that is easy to pair or match with. You can likely get away with this look for a couple more months in warmer areas. If not, you will definitely need to layer this look.

Shop this look:
A solid color baby doll dress can be found at American Apparel. It is currently on sale for $26.00.
A wide array of patterns and styles of the baby doll can be found online at pacsun.com. Prices range from around $50 to $100.

2. Faux Fur
Faux fur is made with synthetic fibers, so no animals are harmed in the wearing of this look. Fake fur adds a touch of chic to every outfit. It is also nice and cozy for those colder autumn days.

Shop this look:
Faux fur coats and vests can be found at forever21.com. Prices range from $28 – $60.

3. Tweed Skirt
Fun fact: Tweed is associated with the British countryside and has been a go-to look for hundreds of years. The tweed skirt paired with a solid color knit sweater makes for the perfect sophisticated outfit for almost any occasion. It can be dressed up or down.

Shop this look:
Various styles and designs of this skirt can be found on etsy.com. Prices range from $28 – $80.

4. Shoulderless shirts
Let’s move forward in fashion history from the 60s to the 70s! Shoulderless shirts (also known as cut-out shoulder tops) spice up an everyday look and make it edgier. This is a simple trend that makes you stand out. If you have a shirt that you don’t mind experimenting with, you can even create this look by yourself! There are several YouTube videos that are easy to follow. This is an affordable and fun option!

Shop this look:
Solid color shoulder less shirts can be found at dhgate.com. Prices range from $14.99 – $32.13.

Fringe jacket


5. Fringes
Get in the groove with this 70s style: Fringe is back in. My personal favorite fringes are fringe jackets, but the great thing about fringes is that almost anything can have them. You can even accessorize with fringe shoes and bags.

Shop this look:
A solid black color fringe shirt can be found at Forever 21 for just $15.90!
Various patterns and colors can be found at topshop.com. Prices range from $40 – $53.

6. Pant Suits
Whether it’s business as usual or back to school, pant suits are a popular look. They are perfect for an everyday work outfit. Pant suits also can be dressed up for fancier occasions.

Shop this look:
A choice of khaki, grey and black pant suits can be found at thelimited.com. Prices range from $79 – $139.95.

7. Long Coats
Long coats are the epitome of the classy fall/winter look. As the chillier months approach, they can be worn over anything and add sophistication to any outfit.

Shop this look:
Overstock.com has a wide array of colors and designers brand coats. The prices range from $100 – $150.

8. Loafers
Loafers are comfy slip-on shoes and are also sturdy enough for fall terrain. These cute shoes match well with almost anything and are laid-back.

Shop this look:
Dsw.com has a great selection of colors and styles. Prices range from $39.95 – $79.95.

9. Classic Box Bag
Classic box bags are a reigning trend this fall season. They are part of the Celine winter collection. Buying the real deal will cost over $3,000! Thankfully, there are faux leather versions that look just as cute. They are a great accessory too because they add a bold statement to any outfit.

Shop this look:
forever21.com has a great selection for $22.90.
choies.com has several colors and designs for $39.99.

Styling Tip – Layers!

For fall, you can get away with more layers. It is also necessary to keep warm, so take advantage of that and layer your outfits. This is a simple way to enhance your fall look.

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