How to Become an Astronaut

by August 4, 2015
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Liu Yang, the first female astronaut from China

Liu Yang, the first female astronaut from China

At 17-years-old, Abigail Harrison is an aspiring astronaut and a previous cover-gurl of FLURT. Below is an excerpt from her blog post, How to Become an Astronaut.

Over the past 4 years I’ve shared my dream of becoming a NASA astronaut with kids and adults around the world. While there are only a handful of people who have made it to becoming a professional astronaut in the past 50 years, it’s a dream that inspires kids throughout generations to reach for the stars.

What’s great about this dream is that if you reach for it and work hard, even if you don’t end up as one of the professional astronauts, chances are you’ll land in a pretty cool space! I’ve met countless engineers, scientists and other people who work in the space program whether through NASA, ESA, Roscosmos or for a number of private companies including Lockheed Martin, Orbital, ATK and many others. These people love their jobs, and while being an astronaut may have been what started their passion for working in space, they’re incredibly happy where their life paths have taken them.

So what’s the secret of anyone who sets out to work in the space industry as an astronaut or any position that supports space exploration? There are some things that are requirements by NASA and other space agencies, and then there are things that I’ve learned that will help you along your path to application.

The first step is to have a passion for space and not be afraid to talk about your dreams. The second step is to act big, to create a plan to make your dreams a reality and then work on your plan every single day. While you work on that plan, be prepared for it to change and adjust it as your own life changes too.

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