Save the Planet: Global Clothing Swap

by August 18, 2015
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Fall is almost here and that means the pressure to have that cute new outfit while attending a lecture or going on a date is upon us. But in order to save some money to put towards textbooks or our morning coffee, as well as preserving the planet by reusing items rather than throwing them away, let’s swap the mall outlets for our homes and have a clothing swap with our friends!

How does it work? Simply hit GOING on our event, organize a clothing swap with your friends for OCTOBER 10, 2015 and join the conversation by tagging @flurtmagazine and use #imaflurt to connect with other like-minded people around the world! You’ll be joining the cause to save the planet and help each other look awesome in the process. Maybe you can even have your clothing swap via mail!

To join FLURT’s Global Clothing Swap,¬†click here.

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