This Line of Natural Products Will Have You Ditching Your Mainstream Ones

by August 11, 2015
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Herbal Skin Salve

Herbal Skin Salve, $15


While many mainstream products are made from preservatives, artificial scents, carcinogenic agents and fillers, where can a gurl go for natural products that treat their body with love? Mamata Holistics has developed a new line of products made from raw essential oils.

“There isn’t any synthetic ingredients in any Mamata Holistics products what-so-ever,” says Clare Newman, the Program Director and Facilitator of Mamata Yoga in Edmonton, Canada. “If kept properly, out of direct sunlight or in the bathroom where the temperature changes, most of the Mamata Holistics products still have a shelf life of a year!”

Mamata, which means, ‘mothers affection,’ in Sanskrit is a brand consisting of Mamata Yoga, Mamata Holistics and the soon-to-be launched Mamata Maternity. The intention behind Mamata is to create an empowered community of mothers who are consciously creating mindfulness. Whether this consists of active living in the case of yoga or choosing natural and organic products to nourish self-love and awareness, their teachings are on the foundation of being gentle and kind to ourselves.

While the teachings at Mamata Yoga are predominately centered around those who are expecting, Mamata Holistics offers natural products for every woman. After years of making her own products for personal use, Clare decided to launch the line after she received numerous requests from family and friends. As a childbirth educator and retired birth doula, she chose to focus her efforts on using only natural ingredients that wouldn’t negatively affect mothers-to-be – however, the products are tailored towards women at every stage of life, even menopause.

Lavender Bath Melts

Lavender Bath Melts, $16

“Many of our customers require specific hand-crafted products because of skin allergies,” says Clare. For example, I’ve had many customers with concerns about previous reactions to using products with vitamin E where I explain it’s usually because most mainstream products use a cosmetic grade V.S a raw grade. I haven’t had one complaint about a reaction as of yet to any of my products because they’re all made with natural and organic oils.

So whether you’re looking to aid sore nipples, sooth eczema or just unwind after a long week, Mamata Holistics has something for everyone who’s in the market for a natural product that’ll treat their body as good as it’ll look. And at around $15 to $20 CAD, they won’t break the bank as well.

We did some research, and here’s the rundown on the most popular Mamata Holistics products:

#1 Seller: Herbal Skin Salve
This is the most popular product by Mamata Holistics. Crafted for all skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, it’s helpful in treating burns, scratches and rashes. “I always tell my customers to put this stuff on everything!” says Clare.

First Aid
Looking to do any outdoor activities any time soon? First aid items like the Bugger Off Bug Spray and Bug Off Bite Stick (after bite), SkunScream and A-Choo Chest Rub are perfect for camping, hiking or just going for a jog through the woods.

For expectant mothers, the Mindful Mama Belly Butter and Nipple Butter and Mending Mama Perineum Spray from the Pregnancy Line as well as the Mending Mama Herbal Tea Sitz-Bath from the Postpartum Line are favourites. And for the little ones, the Blissful Baby Bum Cream and Blissful Baby Hair & Body Wash are popular in the Baby Line.

The Lavender Bath Melts and Vanilla Jasmine Whipped Body Butter from the Bath and Body Line are to-die-for after a hard day at work, and their Skin Care line, the Rose Collection, which consists of a cleaner, toner and serum all made with Rose Otto essential oil, will make you feel like you’re at a spa – no wonder the collection is getting rave reviews!

Mamata Holistics products are available worldwide, with most of their customers within North America and the UK. For more information on the line, click here.

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