We’re Launching a Patreon to Celebrate Our 5th Birthday

by August 3, 2015
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Founder Amanda

Demetri Giannitsios Photography

Aren’t you tired of seeing photoshopped publications in the grocery store promoting gossip or negativity? Wouldn’t it be cool to see a positive magazine at the checkout line that not only relates to readers but allows them to be a part of the publication? That’s why FLURT strives to be an international community of young people who are writing their own media. Our goal is to become the first socially conscious women’s magazine on mainstream stands – and the only thing keeping us from that goal is the funding to do so. – Founder Amanda

It’s FLURT’s birthday this month and to celebrate we’re launching a Patreon to raise monthly funds towards sustaining the website, the magazine and community events. Monthly pledges will help support our mission to provide young people with not only a healthy version of media but one that they can contribute to themselves.

For 5 years we’ve been a volunteer collective, putting in countless hours while paying for things like website costs, Facebook ads, promo videos and business cards of of pocket. However, it’s time for us to step it up to become serious about our cause. In order to do this, we’ll need to pay for the things mentioned above, including the communications and PR team required to get FLURT off the ground and in print.

We know you want to see FLURT on stands as the next generation’s source for media, but for this to happen we need serious exposure, and this only comes from serious financial support. In order to be the first socially conscious women’s magazine, we need to treat our goal as a full time job.

Please consider pledging around $20 to our Patreon. There’s no time limit, and we’ll even send you a FLURT t-shirt to thank you for your support! Click here for more information or to donate.

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