Why Everyone Should Try Pregnancy Pants

by August 23, 2015
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Rückseite  Mädchen   fest  Jeans

Rückseite Mädchen fest Jeans

The first time I wore jeans was when I was in grade six. Prior to that, all I wore was baggy soccer shorts and track pants. I traded in my comfortable pants for jeans because I wanted to be like everyone else. If you wanted to be cool and liked by the boys, you had to wear them nice and tight. I hate jeans. Most are hard and scratchy and just plain old uncomfortable. As the years went on, I continued to experiment with different kinds of jeans. Big buttons, no buttons, zippers up the middle or down the side: If they made them, I tried them. I loved the way they looked but hated the way they felt. You could never eat a full meal without feeling like you were stuffed in them like a sausage. Then came my miraculous discovery of first trimester pregnancy jeans! Oh Lord, I love them so much. They are stretchy and cute and have a great big elastic band. I’m four months post pregnancy and I still wear them proudly. Here are the reasons why:

1. Comfort is Key
Pregnancy jeans have the look of regular blue jeans with the comfort of yoga pants! There is a nice elastic band around the waist area, some are big and some are smaller. The thinner band versions are what I call first trimester jeans because as you get further along in your pregnancy, they stop feeling as comfortable. You typically will then start to go for the full belly coverage. Stretchy, elastic-y jeans that mold to your body are super comfortable. Forget buttons and fly’s – these babies just pull right up!

2. They Fit You At All Hours of The Day
The great thing about pants that have stretch in them is that they are constantly hugging your body to fit just right at all hours of the day. Just had a big lunch? They still look great! Gained a few pounds? They still fit! Lost a few pounds? Same thing! These jeans will mold to your shape as you grow throughout the day or the year. You will no longer have to buy a new pair every time your body changes. I used to have a closet full of jeans that range from size 6 to 14 and now I have a few pairs of size 8 maternity jeans. It doesn’t get better than that!

3. They Look Great on Everyone
These jeans look AH-mazing on everyone. How could they not? Stretchy jeans that mold to your body and flatter your figure? Yes please! Why do you think so many women love tights and yoga pants these days? The same reason I love my maternity pants: Because they flatter your shape and enhance curves! They always make your clothes look better because you do not have to worry about the back of them being too low. I love that they sit just below your belly button but are high enough on your booty and hips that you feel and look amazing in them. Say goodbye to pulling up those pants all day long! Goodbye muffin top! They mold to your shape and you don’t have to worry about yanking them up so your booty doesn’t fall out. Believe it or not, they are incredibly slimming! I promise you won’t look pregnant in them (well, unless you are pregnant!). Regardless of your size, you will find a pair out there that fits. My favorite pairs are from Old Navy. I wear them all the time because they make all of my clothes look fabulous and I don’t look like I’m bumming around in yoga pants.

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