5 Ways to Keep Your LDR Going Strong

by September 15, 2015
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I was seventeen when I entered my first long distance relationship or LDR. We were halfway across the country and it only lasted for 6 months before it ended on a bad note. A year and a few more bad relationships later I met my current partner. I like to say it was fate, as we happened to stumble across each other at work and really hit it off. We live almost an hour away from each other and can only see each other once a week at most. While this isn’t the longest distance it is still pretty hefty for us. Since we live so far away and have hardly any time together we have a few great ways to keep the fire going in our relationship. I’ll list a few and I hope they can inspire you to create your own special memories!

1. Surprise one another.
A surprise date, call or present is a great way to keep the relationship strong and show how much you care and are thinking of your partner. A care package can be as much or as little as you want and heartfelt gifts like your sweater or letters spritzed with perfume add a personal touch.

2. Keep in touch often.
With distance comes time differences, work/school schedules not matching up and having to make time around obligations. All of these things can lead to feeling disconnected with your partner. Try to text throughout the day or call at least once a day to catch up with each another. If the time difference is a lot and you missed them during the day, send a video of you telling them about your day for them to watch when they wake up.

3. Go on adventures.
When you are together, make as many memories as you can. Go star-gazing, have a picnic in a park, dance to music in your bedroom or add funny commentary to a movie you’re watching. Do things that bring you closer together while you’re together so that you can reconnect after being apart for so long.

4. Trust each other.
If life gets in the way and you’re not able to communicate as well as you’d like, it can be easy to feel like the relationship isn’t as sound as you thought. When this happens, trusting your partner goes a long way. Talk to them if you’re feeling disconnected so that you can clear up any misunderstandings and move onto enjoying your time with them.

5. Share in the other’s hobbies.
Be open to trying the things that they love, like food, movies or their favourite type of exercise. Even though you can’t be together as much as you’d like, you can share in the same activities and feel like you’re together through having similar experiences. Besides, you might find you love yoga as much as they do.

There are dozens of things that you can do to keep your long distance relationship going strong. Surprising one another, keeping in touch often, going on adventures, trusting each other and sharing in the other’s hobbies are just 5 of the basic building blocks you need in a LDR. All couples are different, so find what works for you together to create a loving, lasting relationship.

How do you keep your long distance relationship going strong? Let readers know in the comments below!

Article originally published in the FLURT Summer 2015 issue. Written by Jessica Jarsulic.

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