Be in Our Next Promo Video!

by September 14, 2015
filed under More FLURT

Do you live in the San Francisco area? Want to participate in our next promo video, meet new people and have fun while raising awareness of FLURT?

We’re looking for energetic young people to be part of a FLURT meetup in San Francisco, help us put posters around the city and engage in conversations about things that matter to them. The video will show passionate people who not only want to talk about socially conscious issues in a safe, inclusive space – but ones who also want to go out and make a difference, whether it’s writing for our magazine or organizing a FLURT event in their city.

FLURT is working to be the first socially conscious magazine on mainstream stands, but we need YOUR help to get the word out. If you’re interested in being a part of our next promo video please email for more information.

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