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by September 21, 2015
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College is a wonderful time where you’re free to navigate the waters of sex, dorm-living and relationships. The following guidelines will help you keep this free mentality while having respectful and safe dorm sex.

Don’t sexile your roommate

Chances are you probably don’t want to make your roommate witness your sexual encounters, but be open with them ahead of time so they don’t feel like they can’t come home. If it’s spontaneous, shoot them a text saying, ‘If you don’t come home in the next 30 minutes, that would be great’ and maybe throw in a winky face so they get what’s going on.  You could also take an old-school approach and throw a sock on the door.

Work around the other’s schedule

If you’re not comfortable talking to your roommate about sex, make sure you fit in your sexy time when they’re not going to be home. Take the opportunity when their attendance in class is mandatory, like during a lab that they can’t skip, or invite your partner over when your roommate’s gone home for the weekend. Maybe skip the cuddling if they’re due to return shortly or you don’t want to have an awkward morning.

Play the quiet game

Even if your roommate isn’t home, your hallmates probably don’t want to hear your sex noises when they’re trying to study or sleep. You also might not want the whole floor to know what you sound like while having an orgasm, so play the quiet game and use different techniques like biting into a pillow to be as secret as possible. Not only is this considerate, but it’s pretty hot as well.

Use protection

Seriously, STIs spread around campuses like wildfire, especially when you aren’t monogamous. Planned Parenthood will give you free condoms, dental dams and help you get birth control even if you don’t have insurance. Secular colleges usually have free campuses in the health center or even in the dorms, and if you’re in a pinch you can make a dental dam out of a condom.

Consent is sexy

Make sure you’re both consenting to sexual activity, and don’t be afraid to say no to something you’re not comfortable with. People aren’t legally able to consent when they’re intoxicated, so talk about what you want to do to each other beforehand so you know you’re on the same page. And no matter how hot they are, please don’t take pictures without asking their permission first. Be good to your partner and they’ll be good to you.

Take time to enjoy it

You only get a few years of dorm sex, so enjoy navigating the waters, learning about your body and each other. Follow these guidelines to avoid roommate issues, consent fuzziness and STIs so you can concentrate on having fun while you have the dorm all to yourself to make good, lasting memories of your college sex life.

Do you have any more tips for dorm sex? Let readers know in the comments below!

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