B Swish Bwild Classic Marine Review

by October 24, 2015
filed under Sex & Dating

Bwild Massager

The B Swish Bwild Classic Marine massager was my first experience using a ‘jackrabbit’-style dildo. I have always described jackrabbits as dildos that can do double duty, inside and out. The shaft is long (6.25 inches) and thick enough to comfortably fit inside, and has the right thickness curvature to reach the G spot. The rabbit ‘tickler’ that sticks out on top is the perfect fit for the clitoral area and can be manually manipulated when the thicker part of the Marine is inside.

The Marine has five speeds and patterns and is controlled with a single-click button that lights up when in use – which also helps if you’re using the device in the dark. Turning off the massager just requires extra pressure on the power button. Moving between speeds is fast and easy. I have had other devices powered in a similar way be too easy to turn off while in use. This power button requires a solid push and hold, which will prevent accidentally turn-offs at the wrong time. When you turn it back on, you start from the beginning.

The first couple of times I tried the device, I just used it externally, which it does quite well. One can cover the entire vaginal area pretty much with it, with the rabbit part in place over the clit and the whole thing held in place either by your hands or holding your legs together.

The speeds and patterns are intense. There is not one, but two motors that are strong enough that they reach all ends of the device and keep the vibrations even. It is waterproof, made from silicone and ABS plastics and easy to clean with soap and warm water.

The device is also ideal for use with a partner. The vibes are strong enough for two and you can have a lot of fun moving it around and trying different positions with it. The material from which it is made is very sensitive to body temperature and also great for people with sensitive skin. I personally am very averse to toys that feel cold. This one literally warms to the touch. I also don’t see why it couldn’t be used anally as well.

Powered by two AAA batteries, the Marine will last about three hours on one set. It’s fun, affordable, comfortable to use, doesn’t look phallic (if that’s important to you), and comes in three colors with a storage pouch. It was a very pleasant introduction to this style of dildo.

The B Swish Bwild Classic Marine is available at the Traveling Tickle Trunk for $49.

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