Hipbees: Natural Skin Care Products You Can Trust

by October 7, 2015
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Hipbees products

Au-Natural Lipbalm, $5. Sweet Lips Sugar Scrub, $12. Sweet Pits Deodorant in Lavender, $10.


Hipbees is a family-owned and operated business that specializes in beeswax-based skin-care products. When I stopped by their farmers market stand this summer looking for natural products to switch out my mainstream ones with, I was stoked to find deodorant that wasn’t just all-natural but lavender-scented as well. Jill was nice enough to give me a free sample of the Sweet Pits deodorant, and I’ve been in love with her products ever since. I wanted to let FLURT readers know all about Hipbees too in case they’re looking for skin care products that are free from parabens, alcohols, perfumes and other nasty chemicals for themselves or their loved ones.

Shortly after my first encounter with Hipbees, Jill sent me a beautifully wrapped package just in time for the weather to turn chilly. The package was filled with Au-Natural Lipbalm and Sweet Lips Sugar Scrub and more of that lovely lavender Sweet Pits deodorant. Instantly I fixed my chapped lips with the sugar scrub and natural balm and feel lucky to be able to keep using them until they run out. Even if I hadn’t received these products as a gift, Jill keeps them at the student or young professional budget. At only $12 the sugar scrub is plentiful enough to keep my lips moisturized and kissable until the spring – maybe even the summer.

Jill started Hipbees when her family started bee farming. “I had access to a lot of beeswax,” she says. “I wanted to create products for my son – natural products that were both soothing and safe. Once I started, then friends and family inspired me to continue with their requests for individualized products.” The products are handmade with love in small batches, and Jill makes each product with the scared intention that it’ll be soothing and healing for the buyer. What makes her products original is that in amidst the growing ‘natural’ products industry Hipbees is local to Edmonton, Canada and is committed to supporting community development.

How is Hipbees carrying out that task? The brand has a ‘recycle your container program,’ and they’re also excitingly experimenting with pricing on a sliding scale. Jill believes it’s crucial for a healthy community and economy that we support small and local businesses. “If we stop supporting them then they’ll no longer be able to make amazing products and we’ll be left with Walmart and other heartless corporate stores,” she says.

Hipbees products may be local to Edmonton, Canada, but they’re available globally, shipping around the world. Their dream is to have their products carried in Finland (so if you’re living in Finland help make their dream come true!).

For those looking for holiday gifts this year, other favourites FLURT readers can treat themselves or their loved ones to are the Body Butter in Au-Natural and Clove for $23, the What a Heel Foot Love scrub for $15, the Sweet Dreams Sleep Salve for $25 and the Hand Salve for $15. These are great while you’re battling the cold winter months as a student or business professional, but are just as effective for those who are hard working in warmer temperatures as well!

If you’ve never used beeswax skincare products before, as a new user myself I can personally confirm that they’re both soothing and good for your skin. “Beeswax products have been around as long as bees have,” says Jill. “Hipbees is dedicated to lovingly creating solutions to personal care needs.”’

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