Vaital Nutrition Brings Us Back to Basics

by October 3, 2015
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Society has become so intoxicated by billboards and TV commercials that we’ve forgotten that most of the ingredients big pharma and beauty companies create actually originated from plants. Vaital Nutrition is bringing things back to basics by reminding us that mother nature already provides us with everything we need. The brand’s mission is to leave out all the chemicals and create honest products that have a positive impact on a woman’s life – and that’s one FLURT can get behind.

Holly, one third of the Vaital team, which hails from all over the globe – China, Australia, Sweden, etc – says that the team likes to think of themselves as good witches trying to make everybody happy and healthy with the products they harvest from the forest. The team shares a passion for nature, therapeutic foods and living well, creating an experience where passion and purpose come together.


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Vaital’s created three natural products that help people in the aspects they’re most concerned about: Feeling more beautiful, being healthier and having better menstrual cycles. These products, Vaital A, B and C are created to help women feel more comfortable in their own skin:

Better Confidence
Vaital A uses Kwao Krua Khao, also known as Pueraria Mirifica, which has been used as a traditional medicine in Thailand for years. It works to increase estrogen levels, leading to tighter skin, fuller breasts and better mood.

More Energy
Vaital B is packed full of sea kelp, which boosts metabolism, lowers blood pressure and raises immune function. Due to its high levels of iodine, it’s also used in regulating the thyroid, and in return energy levels.

Less Cramps
Vaital C takes Dang Gui, AKA the female Ginseng, is often called a ‘blood mover’. Hailing from China as a popular remedy, it eases PMS symptoms, decreasing pain, swelling and inflammation from menstrual cycles.


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Vaital Nutrition is guaranteed organic and doesn’t contain any colors, artificial flavours, sweeteners or preservatives. All of their ingredients are purchased in the UK from carefully selected suppliers that adhere to ISO 9001 standard for quality. The tablets come in amounts of 60 for $29.00, 120 for $49.00 and $180 for 59.00. The Vaital team recommends that women take them first thing in the morning with a yummy breakfast and some water. They ship worldwide, so even if you live on a remote island they’ll try their best to get your order to your doorstep!

Vaital’s work is to empower women around the world, and this month the brand is donating 50 percent of their proceeds to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. You can help them raise awareness by using #betheend and #combatcancer while posting a photo of your Vaital Nutrition purchase online.

For more information on Vaital Nutrition click here. And get 15 percent off your purchase this October using the coupon code OCTOBER15 upon checkout.

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