Your Guide to Voting in the Canadian Federal Election

by October 15, 2015
filed under Activism

young person voting

It’s election time in Canada, which means floods of Facebook posts regarding which party is the best, who you should vote for and why. It can be frustrating, annoying and, most of all, confusing.

If politics hasn’t always been your thing yet you still want to make a difference, I’ve chosen 5 sources that can help you navigate through the process easily:

  1. Vote Compass: This online survey asks you a few simple questions regarding your social and economic value. From this information it’ll tell you where you are on the political spectrum and who you should vote for.
  2. Elections Canada: Make sure you’re registered to vote! On this site you can also figure out who’s running in your electoral district and do quick research on them.
  3. Party Platform Websites: If you want more information the best place to go are the platform websites. Sometimes parties give off certain impressions during election time to gain the favor of voters, but these websites provide a more concrete idea of what the parties are all about.
  4. Unfortunately we sometimes have to vote strategically due to our First Past the Post system. This website shows you who the major candidates are in your voting district.
  5. VICE: Check out the videos below for independent coverage on the election and many issues not covered in mainstream news.

These resources should help you decipher what issues are most important to you, what parties coincide best with them and how you can vote in your city. Will you be voting on October 19? Let us know in the comments below!

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