3 Non Materialistic Gifts You Can Give This Holiday Season

by December 21, 2015
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For the holidays this year my partner and I are starting a new tradition: Celebrating Christmas without gifts. We’ve decided that instead of leaving each other presents under the tree we’ll do something heartfelt for each other to protest the amount of corporate greed that exists around the holidays.

If you’re interested in supporting the idea that the holidays don’t need to revolve around expensive, sweatshop-made gifts at the expense of others’ human rights, or just want to save money during an otherwise expensive time of year, here are 6 non materialistic gifts you can give to your loved ones this holiday season that will mean more than something you picked off a shelf:

1. A Handwritten Letter
During special occasions, I often write my partner letters in the cards I give him. This isn’t completely non materialistic, but it’s more meaningful than ordering something off Amazon. Whether you write a handwritten note in a beautiful card or make the entire card from scratch, your partner, friend or family member will appreciate the thought you put into their gift. For ideas on what to write, I like to talk about past experiences we’ve had together, reasons why I love him and what I’m looking forward to in our future. Whatever you write, it’ll be great as long as it comes from the heart.

2. Quality Time Together
Maybe you haven’t seen your mom in a while or your best friend since you moved for college. Instead of getting them something physical from a store, give them the memory of your time together. Take them out for a movie they want to see with popcorn and extra butter, or to be completely non materialistic, watch their favorite film on Netflix and bake their favorite treat together. Have a sleepover, build a pillow fort and chat late into the night about your deepest fears of graduating. Make sure you do something they love doing though, not just something that you want to do. Their gift is about them, after all!

3. A Meaningful Favor
Take the stress off your gift-recipient and do something for them that’ll make their life easier. For example, wash your aunt’s dishes after eating the dinner she made, clean your dad’s house while we puts his feet up or watch your brother’s dog while he goes on that road trip he’s been wanting to take. This gift is perfect for finding that specific, personalized present that you’ve been racking your brain about when trying to figure out what to get your loved one. And don’t feel like it’s cheaping out! While it may save you cash initially, as they say, time is money.

Do you have any more ideas for non materialistic gifts this holiday season? Let me know in the comments below!

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