4 Trends That Will Keep You Stylish and Warm This Winter

by December 26, 2015
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Having trouble managing to incorporate style into your winter wardrobe? Luckily more people are opting out of their overly large, black Sorels and instead for little booties with huge fuzzy socks and raising awareness that you can in fact be stylish and warm this winter. Here are four of the best and my favourite ways to accessorize this season.

1. Chic Beanie
A continuing trend over the past couple of years has been the beanie. Instead of wearing a beanie with a funny sentence written across the forehead, there’s a bit more of a chic way to wear this type of toque. A great way to do this is to opt for a plain or neutral colour, with a little bit of pattern or jewelling to it. A grey beanie with faux diamonds across the forehead gives a little spice to a not-so-busy outfit and a plain jacket.

2. Chunky Scarf
Chunky scarves add an effortless look to a not-so-put together outfit. They can be found in a variety of colors and styles such as plain black or bright plaid. A chunky scarf is versatile as a staple piece to finish any outfit or just a stylish throw-over when you’re out running out the door.

3. Cute Mittens
Mittens don’t have to be just something to keep your hands warm – if you pick the right ones they can be a cute accessory to an otherwise neutral ensemble. Knit gloves with intricate patterns work with a grey coat to add some flare, or thin, fleece-lined ones look professonal while keeping your hands toasty.

4. Warm Vests
Vests are another big trend that have come back this year. While they’re available in a variety of styles, my favourite is the sporty look. A red vest is perfect for throwing over workout clothes, adding some spice to outfits that are more on the lazy side. Warm vests are always a good staple piece to dress up or down clothes while staying cozy this season.

*Where to buy: Staying stylish as the weather gets cold is totally possible and affordable. Brands like Grey Rock Clothing Company and Rawganique sell handmade, non-sweatshop products, incorporating organic fabrics into fashionable designs for those of us that want to look out for the environment and still look cute.

What’s your favorite way to stay stylish and warm this winter? Let me know in the comments below.

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