5 Steps to Soft, Glowing Skin Naturally

by December 25, 2015
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Last winter my skin was so dry it was flaking off my face, and needless to say, it wasn’t a good look. This winter I decided to take drastic measures to ensure that this season my skin was soft and glowing like it is in the summer. But instead of using chemical-laden moisturizers from the drug store, I opted for a more natural approach.

You might have the solution lying around your kitchen or on your hippie roommate’s bathroom shelf. You’ve most likely heard about it’s many other uses such as vegan cooking or oil pulling. That’s right, I’m talking about coconut oil.

For years I tried slathering on various moisturizers with little effect, but none have matched up to the amazing skin that coconut oil provides. The best part is that it doesn’t make you break out because it supplies your skin with the moisture you need instead of making your skin greasier. However, coconut oil is just one tool in a series of steps that will give you beautiful skin.

Are you ready to get soft, glowing skin, naturally? Follow these simple steps for optimum results:

1. Exfoliate away old, dry skin
Shower in the morning, exfoliating with a loofa and natural soap. My favorite at the moment is Knitty Gritty Soaps (@Knittygrittysoaps) which come in vegan options as well. Using natural soap with ingredients like coconut oil and essential oils will help you avoid harsh chemicals that already dry out your skin and instead add the moisture you need.

2. Use coconut oil instead of drugstore moisturizers
Once you’ve dried off, cover your body (or just the parts you want to moisturize as your whole body every day can get expensive) with organic coconut oil from the grocery store. Using organic coconut oil will ensure that you’re not getting any added chemicals, but if you need to opt for the less expensive, non-organic version that works too. If you also use coconut oil for cooking, make sure you keep a separate container in the bathroom.

3. Bath in natural scents that leave your skin smelling great
At the end of a long day, run a hot bath with a couple drops of essential oil or a handful of bath salts. Lavender essential oils are really nice for relaxation, or if you’re more into bath salts, Mother Earth Essentials (@motherearthessentials) carries a lovely package of Alberta Wildrose bath salts that smells amazing. Not only will this leave your skin clean and fresh when you wake up, but it’ll help it absorb moisture all night.

4. Lock in moisture before bed
Apply coconut oil after your bath the same way you did in the morning to hydrate your skin while you sleep. Additionally, rub some natural lotion on your hands and feet, or the areas that are really dry. My favorite lotion at this time is Peppermint Sage Lotion from Mother Earth Essentials (@motherearthessentials) and it makes me feel so happy while I’m drifting off to sleep.

5. Love your body and it’ll love you back
Don’t forget to feed your body the nutrients it needs. In the morning, treat yourself to a fresh smoothie, cold-pressed juice or even just some fruit. Drink lots of water throughout the day and watch your junk food intake at night. What you eat often shows through the health of your skin, so if you’re treating your body well your skin will reflect that.

Repeat as often as you prefer for soft, glowing skin!

Do you have any more tips for getting beautiful skin, naturally? Let me know in the comments below!

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