Taylor Swift On How She Didn’t Think She Would Make a Difference

by December 18, 2015
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Even with her millions of fans and powerful stance in the music industry, Taylor Swift didn’t think she would make a difference by posting a letter to her blog challenging Apple to pay their artists during their three month trial.

She said in an in-depth interview with Beats 1:

“It got more attention than I thought it would, because I’ve been echoing those sentiments for years. I was just thinking the way it would go over would be, here’s Taylor nagging again about compensation for writers, producers, for anyone who wants to create music, for any little kid who’s taking piano lessons right now, I want them to have an industry to go into.”

Taylor says that she couldn’t stop thinking about it, she couldn’t sleep and she knew she had to say something. She wrote the letter really quickly, and in the morning she read it to her mom, saying that she probably wouldn’t post it but needed to get the words out. To her surprise, her mom told her that it was the right thing to do, and that if she thought she had a chance to make a difference she should. So, Taylor hit post, and even though she was immediately hit with fear, in a few hours everything had changed and she showed the world that you can make a difference when you say something.

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