The Winter 2016 Issue Is Here

by December 7, 2015
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FLURT Winter 2016 Cover

Inside the new issue: raw vegan food, tiny houses, ethical brands and more.

So many of us are wrapped up in living our busy lives that we often forget to take the time to look around and appreciate what we have. And who can blame us – with school, jobs, clubs, volunteer work and social lives it can seem impossible to wind down and feel truly connected to anything other than a smart phone. This is why more young people are deciding to switch off – ignoring society’s pressure to continue to be better, look better, feel better, all-the-while posting the perfectly-filtered Instagram photo to show that we actually are better. In fighting this system we log off our social media accounts, give away the clothes we never wear and see our friends in person rather than through a computer screen, attempting to gain some simplicity from life.

This movement is called minimalism and it’s an interesting shift from the path we’ve been on. Rather than following the corporate model that has us buying the next fashion trend, we’re holding onto our favourite pieces and swapping clothes rather than spending money we don’t have. Instead of committing to a mortgage in the city we’re eliminating our debt and building a tiny house that can travel wherever we want to go. Young people like entrepreneurs Emily von Euw and myself are embracing the simple things in life and becoming more happier all the while.

In a technological world that’s always growing, FLURTs are learning to spend more time discovering what makes us happy rather than following a model that tells us what will get us there. No longer are we concerned with maintaining the perfect version of ourselves but finding out who we truly are – offline and outside the structure that was built for us. We know that what gives us joy isn’t looking outside ourselves for things to fill the void but in fact inside where we create feelings and memories. Simply put, the revolution is here and it’s a lot more peaceful than we thought.

Inside the Winter 2016 Issue you’ll find:

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