4 Charities That Actually Make a Difference

by January 22, 2016
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It can be difficult knowing where to give your money when it comes to charity. You want to make sure you give your money to a charity that helps the cause you want to support, and doesn’t just support the white savior model where most of the money goes towards running the charity itself. This can be a controversial topic, but regardless of how you feel about the issue, we’ve come up with 4 charities that actually make a difference.

1. Against Malaria Foundation
The Malaria Foundation helps to prevent malaria deaths in sub-Saharan Africa. Over 1 million people, mostly children, die from malaria every year. But the prevention is easy: $5 insecticide-treated bed nets.

2. Schistosomiasis Control Initiative (SCI)
The Schistosomiasis Control Initiative treats people for parasite worm infections that cause symptoms such as anemia and developmental issues. Like the above charity, these parasites are cheap to treat and the more people who are treated the less who will have to be in the future.

Deworm the World Initiative, led by Evidence Action
Deworm the World Initiative supports programs like the Schistosomiasis Control Initiative (SCI), focusing on advocacy and technical assistance to governments providing de-worming.

4. Give Directly
Give Directly distributes cash to people in need in places such as Kenya and Uganda. They believe that directly transferring individuals money is the best way to utilize donations, because only these individuals know what they need most.

For more charities that make a real difference, go to GiveWell.

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