4 Plant Based Restaurants Around the World You Should Try

by January 24, 2016
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Spring rolls at Au-Lac


It can be difficult to find a restaurant that suits your dietary needs while travelling, especially when you’re plant based. Luckily, more and more countries around the world are providing us with the means of being able to eat delicious meals outside the comfort of our own homes. Here are 4 plant based restaurants around the world you should try should you get the chance:

Brasserie Lola, France
This French brasserie features an all vegan menu. Dishes range from burgers and pad Thai, sandwiches and ice cream to wine and cocktails. It has a unique blend of international and Western foods, along with its own French styles.
Address: 99 rue du Theatre

Au-Lac, United States
This restaurant holds a menu filled with raw cuisine and a couple cooked vegan dishes thrown into the mix. Along with their wonderful blend of meals, there is a full bar and upscale lounge atmosphere while still managing to offer a moderate price range.
Address: downtown Los Angeles, 710 W 1st Street

Cafe Oya, Brazil
This petite cafe offers a range of traditional Brazilian snacks such as veggie burgers, soup, sorbet and fresh fruit juices – all of these combining into a menu of vegan, Western and Brazilian delight. It may not be the most ideal for a hearty meal, but stopping for a bite before zip-lining over the rain forest doesn’t sound so bad.
Address: CLN 307, Bloco A, Loja 10

Azotea Greens, Philippines
This place is not only a restaurant, but a grocery store as well. They serve vegetarian dishes that are local, lacto, ovo and Filipino. Azotea Greens offers take-out and catering, there are showcases of artwork and many music and food events. Overall, it’s a very lively place for a night out.
Address: Lower Terrace, La Azotea Bldg, Session Rd

What are your favorite plant based restaurants? Let us know in the comments below!

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