4 Ways to Beat Flu Season Naturally

by January 6, 2016
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Everyone seems to get sick around this time of year, and I used to be right there with you. But since I left university and started working from home I rarely even get a cold. Why? Because I’ve reduced my stress levels and have taken more time to take better care of myself. There’s a common misconception that winter causes the flu, but people are actually just more prone to getting sick because they’re cold and stressed. But even if you have a busy schedule where you’re constantly rushing from school to work to other commitments, you can still avoid getting sick this winter. Here are my tips for boosting your immune system and staying healthy this season:

1.Cut back on sugary drinks
Forget your morning hot chocolate or latte. Opt for a cold pressed juice or a hot herbal tea. It can be tempting to grab something sugary when you’re cold and craving comfort, but in the long run your body will run better if it gets the nutrients it needs.

2.Do something active
It can be difficult to want to exercise when you’re between exams, work and Netflix binging, but taking a yoga class with friends or just going for a quick walk around the block will actually give you more energy and keep your immune system up. Not to mention keep your blood flowing so you’re warmer!

3.Actually dress for the weather
Remember when your mom told you to wear your coat? Listen to her. Before you leave the house, cover your legs with fleece-lined pants, your neck with a cozy scarf, your feet with thick socks, your head with a beanie, your hands with warm mitts – you get the idea.

4.Relax in a hot bath
Stress is terrible for the immune system, and while you can’t avoid exams or the 9-5, remember that self care isn’t just good for your mental health but also your physical health as well. Your body will thank you for stopping to take a relaxing bath or meditating in your down time.

What other ways do you boost your immune system? Let me know in the comments below!

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