Battle of the Bullets: Rain 3″ VS Rocks Off

by January 3, 2016
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Rain 3″ VS Rocks Off

When it comes to bullet vibrators, size and power are key issues. I recently had the chance to try two small but mighty bullets: the Rocks Off RO-100mm Soft Tip Bullet and the Rain 3” Texture Bullet.

Both bullets win when it comes to size. Small, discreet and easy to store in a purse or pocket, the bullets are still large enough to hold comfortable. Rocks Off wins in terms of discretion though – if it falls out of wherever you are keeping it, or you happen to leave it on the bathroom counter, at first glace it looks just like lipstick. However, the lipstick part is actually a soft, silicone tip which buzzes and vibrations. It also comes in a plastic protective case that easily screws on and allows you to see the device through it.

Aesthetics aside, the Rain 3” Texture Bullet (which looks a lot like a magnified rain drop, hence the name), has more power. It has four speeds and three vibrations, all of which were strong enough to feel through a layer of underwear enough to make me come. On bare skin, this is probably one of the most powerful bullets I have ever tried in this price point. The Rocks Off device only has two speeds and a pulsing vibration, but may be more comfortable for people who like a lighter feel and a softer tip. I actually felt more when I used the Rocks Off on my labia rather than my clitoris, enough to bring me to orgasm, but a much more subtle feel overall than the Rain.

Both devices are waterproof, which makes shower-time fun possible. Both are battery-operated: the Rain used one AAA battery, while the Rocks Off one uses a 1.5 volt (which comes with it). However, both gave me a bit of grief when I tried to use either one for the first time. The tops have to be screwed on very, very tightly, and I guess I did not give them enough muscle. I thought both of them were defective, but when I brought them back to The Traveling Tickle Trunk, I was shown the error of my ways. This is probably my biggest criticism of both items and I found my inability to get them going very frustrating.

Still, when I finally was able to use them, I was pleased in different ways. My personal preference leans towards the Rain 3” because I like a more powerful bullet. I also find the ABS plastic to be easy to clean with soap and water. The Rocks Off is also easy to clean, although the tip requires a little more work (I find that silicone more easily traps things like body odour, whereas ABS plastic does not retain smells). However, depending on your own preferences, both bullets are easily winners: They are effective, look great and are reasonably-priced.

Both the Rocks Off RO-100mm and the Rain 3” Textured Bullet are available at The Traveling Tickle Trunk. Rocks Off is $29 and the Rain is $25.

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