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by January 18, 2016
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Photo Credit: Matthew James Arthur Payne

Photo Credit: Matthew James Arthur Payne

This past August, YouTube couple Megan Evans and Whitney Bacon, jointly known as Wegan, launched their dating site, Find Femmes. The couple, who met on MySpace in 2006, captured their journey towards conquering long distance through their YouTube channel, What Wegan Did Next, and now live happily as wife and wife in the United Kingdom.

Megan and Whitney have shared their long distance story online as a way to show that feminine lesbians are out there – that they can meet, fall in love and live happily ever after. The couple is passionate about femme visibility, which was a huge factor in the decision to create Find Femmes.

I was lucky enough to be able to ask Wegan a few questions about their new website, femme visibility and the Find Femmes launch party held in London in October.

FLURT: Congrats on your recent anniversary! Can you tell our readers a bit about your personal story and how your lives together have grown, changed and gotten you to this point of starting a business together?

Megan: Thank you so much! Yes, we recently celebrated seven years of being together and our third Civil Partnership anniversary.

Whitney: We can’t believe we’ve come so far – time certainly has flown by! But it also feels like we’ve known each other our whole lives.

M: Whilst we were long distance, back in 2009 or so, I started a blog, What Wegan Did Next, to document our long distance journey, as well as to show the world that feminine lesbians (aka femmes) do exist and can lead happy lives too. It extended to uploading videos of our time spent together on YouTube.

FLURT: When did you first get the idea to start a dating website? Can you describe the process of launching the company a bit? How did the name come about?

M: We used to get asked a lot by our followers, “how can we find a femme lesbian?” And we never really had an answer!

W: We personally both know how difficult it is to find a fellow femme, and we got lucky randomly to meet at a click of a button. It’s not a normal story. You can try going to lesbian bars, but if you’re femme then you often get looked at like you don’t belong. We felt frustrated that we didn’t have a clear cut answer and thought to ourselves, “What can do we do to help?”

M: Thus the idea of a femme dating site was born! We started looking into it a few years ago but it all seemed a bit too overwhelming as to where to even start.

W: We put it on hold until we felt the time was right, and everything aligned this year. We were really excited to finally be doing it. The difficult part was figuring out the name and branding. We’d come up with many names over the year, but ultimately we stuck with what made the most sense – what we were trying to achieve: Find Femmes.

FLURT: How is this venture different than anything you’ve done before (your full-time jobs, blog, youtube, etc.)? What’s it like to work with your spouse?

M: We ended up working non-stop with our jobs, setting this up and keeping our YouTube channel and social media running. It’s certainly taken a lot more of our time than we anticipated! We are pretty exhausted.

W: We’ve ending up taking on different roles naturally with the setting up and running of the site. We’ve certainly had our little squabbles when there’s a lot of pressure on us, but it ends up being more amusing than anything else!

M: This is also different from everything else we do as we’re building a brand from the ground up. It’s an extension of Wegan but it is its own business, and therefore you have to think differently about everything you do.

FLURT: What does it mean to you to identify as femme? How does your site reflect a femme identity – and are lesbians/bisexuals who don’t identify as femme included on Find Femmes?

M: For me, it simply means identifying as feminine and liking women. It’s fighting stereotypes of what people think a lesbian looks like. We still get disbelieved to this day! Identifying as a femme lesbian had been a key driver behind why we out ourselves on the Internet. There are not many femme lesbian role models to look up to. It’s getting better, but it still frustrates me that there aren’t many feminine lesbians in the celeb world. We wanted to show that you can be feminine and gay too! You don’t have to change who you are.

W: Megan’s one of the first to really try raising the subject of femme visibility, and it’s great to see it really taking off this year. More and more femmes are standing up and being proud of who they are and who they love! We tried to reflect a femme identity in our branding, look and feel to the site. In setting this up initially a few years back, we thought it would purely be for femmes looking for femmes. However in setting up Find Femmes, we felt that was a really shortsighted way to look at it. Yes, we want to help femmes find love, a community and be more visible – but let’s not forget that not every femme likes femmes! So while the site as a whole may appeal to femmes mainly, we’ve left it so that any woman who likes femmes can join! Our site is not just for lesbians, but bisexuals and anyone who likes women. A lot more women are open and fluid, and we wouldn’t want to shut them out just because they didn’t consider themselves 100% lesbian.

FLURT: Let’s talk about the launch party!

W: Any excuse for a party! We’d had a great initial launch to our site through social media, but we wanted an event to officially launch it to the world.

M: Luckily, our friends at Muse Soho bar offered us their fantastic venue, and we got planning! Somehow, I took the reigns on this one and didn’t anticipate how much work it would be. There were a million things to think about, from the guest list, to the canapés, drinks and décor. Thankfully, my sister Lauren and her friend Rosie (of Design by LaRose) are interior designers and creative gurus. They helped us bring our look to life, with lots of pink and gold glitter! For all our guests, we had branded tote bags made, which had a few more branded pieces inside. We also had sweetie cones with pink and white sweets and Nanshy makeup brushes. Everyone loved them!

FLURT: What’s next for Find Femmes, and for Wegan? Do you have anything exciting in the works for your site?

W: Essentially, we just want to continue to grow our members and let the site do what it was intended for: Finding femmes! It’s great to know that we will hopefully play a role in helping people find love at the end of the day.

M: And to also build a community of femmes. What was great to see at our launch party was so many femmes meeting, becoming friends and thanking us so much for holding such an event. It was really refreshing to see!

Originally published in the Winter 2016 Issue.

You can join Find Femmes for free at Find Femmes is also on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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