Quick Vegan Chili for Days

by January 27, 2016
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Ever wished you could find a vegan chili that tastes like the one from your childhood? Look no further. Thanks to Meatless Ground by Gardein you can have that filling, meat-like chili without harming any animals in the process. Best of all, the product is nutritious, plant based, gluten free and costs the same as ground beef. Even from a frozen package, this dish takes about 30 minutes to make and lasts the rest of the week. It’s so good that your family and friends may not even notice a difference! Overall this vegan chili costs about $10 for the week and you’ll have it for daaaays.

1 onion
1 can of organic tomatoes
1 small can of organic tomato sauce
1 can of organic kidney beans
1 table spoon of whatever oil you have

1. Heat a pot to medium.
2. Chop the onions. Stir into the pot.
3. Stir in meatless beef, kidney beans, tomato paste and tomatoes.
4. Put the lid on and keep on medium for about 30 minutes.
5. Add spices such as salt and pepper if desired.
6. Serve with rice or cornbread.

Do you have any tips for this vegan chili? Let me know in the comments below.

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