Ripple Effect to Relaunch This Month

by January 21, 2016
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YouTube: nowthisisliving

YouTube: nowthisisliving

In addition to having over 400,000 YouTube subscribers on Cammie’s individual channel and their joint channel, couple Cammie Scott and Shannon Beveridge are also the founders of a clothing company called Ripple Effect. Ripple Effect launched in the summer of 2014 as a socially conscious clothing line, dedicated to donating a portion of their proceeds to designated charities, including The Hunger Project and Human Rights Campaign.

Originally, Ripple Effect wanted to show the impact that a person’s good deeds could have by assigning ID numbers to customers. According to their website, “when you spread the message to family, friends and followers they will use your ID number as their reference and you will be able to track the influence you’re having with our help. Any person who flows from your original number will be considered a part of your personal impact.” The site was intended to eventually function as a sort of social media platform.

However, the company grew in popularity very quickly and keeping up with ID numbers was a challenge, preventing co-founders Cammie and Shannon from being able to focus on creating new products. Starting January 1, Ripple Effect stopped assigning ID numbers and shifted their focus to creating new products.

“Rather than depriving the RE community of product during this time, we have decided to re-launch in a different way. For the time being, we will be putting a hold on creating ID#’s and focusing on creating the best product and messages we can while supporting charities and groups all over the world,” says the Ripple Effect site. Their new clothing line WE ARE ONE is set to launch this month.

Check out Cammie and Shannon’s Vlogmas Day 18 video below to see the couple hard at work on making their last batch of ID number bracelets, creating the packaging and managing their small business.

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