3 Series That Will Fulfill Your Need for Travel

by February 2, 2016
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Kamini from Girl Eat World

Liesl Roos Photography

Longing for travel but don’t have the funds to make the trip? These 3 series will fulfill your need to explore the planet without having to purchase a plane ticket. And when you’re ready to actually buy that plane ticket, they’ll have made you a little more prepared for your new-found adventure.

1. Girl Eat World
Love food, meeting new people and exploring new places? So does Kamini Pather, winner of Master Chef South Africa. Follow her as she embarks on a journey throughout 10 different cities to meet other food bloggers and sample various cultural dishes.

2. Departures
Canadians Scott Wilson and Justin Lukach travel around the world for two seasons, chronicling their adventures and the struggles they face along the way. Watch as they go bungee jumping in New Zealand or live with the nomadic reindeer tribe of Mongolia.

3. Planet Earth
Take an in-depth look at planet earth, away from civilization and human contact. View the treasures of nature through breathtaking footage and only a narrator, including the seasonal rainforests, the ice worlds and the deserts.

What’s your favorite travel series? Let us know in the comments below.

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