‘Chelsea Does…’ Opens a Dialogue for Important Issues

by February 10, 2016
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Mike Windle/Getty Images

Mike Windle/Getty Images

If you’re looking for some documentary-style crude humor then Chelsea Does is the show for you. With this four episode Netflix show, Chelsea Handler explores some of the most controversial topics in conversation today.

With the first episode, Chelsea Does Marriage, she evaluates the different marriage vows in a traditional wedding. For a good chunk of the episode, Chelsea looks at herself and her own views on marriage and love, her issues with abandonment and how dating changes from when you’re 20 to 40 years old. She gathers opinions from her family and friends of all ages, and even talks to a class of kindergartens — and the ideas that five-year-olds have about marriage are quite interesting.

The second episode, Chelsea Does Silicon Valley, is great for viewers interested in technology. Chelsea discusses how difficult technology is, checks out different corporations and their own thoughts behind the projects they put out on the Internet, and explores how technology is really affecting us. All while developing her app, Gotta Go. Spoiler alert: In one part of the episode, Chelsea goes on a retreat day with no phones allowed, and participants do an activity where they say things face to face to stranger that they would normally say online. The results are a little bit scary for the younger generation, especially because we now have access to sites like Ask.fm.

Chelsea Does Racism was definitely my favorite of the four episodes. Early on in the episode, Chelsea says, “Political correctness is, like, the handicap of any real conversation.” This is an interesting concept because we are constantly caught up in our stereotypical ideas but deny it the whole time. Chelsea ventures into territory that we tend to shy away from as no one wants to be pegged a racist, but we all subconsciously retain some of the racist ideas we are constantly surrounded by. This episode takes a look at the way people view their own stereotypes and even touches on slavery at a plantation sight and in the southern parts of the United States.

And the final episode (so far?) of Chelsea Does is Chelsea Does Drugs, which is quite literally what the title means. Aside from trying Adderall, smoking weed and combining sleeping pills with alcohol, Chelsea also talks about her experiences with drugs, including her opinion about recreational drug use. At one point during the episode while on the sleeping pills, she ventures deeper into her childhood experiences, raising interesting questions about what can happen when you mix the wrong things together.

In my opinion, this show is an important one to watch based on the different subjects that it ventures into. We are constantly worried about what we are saying, what we are doing to offend one another, what love is and if our iPhones are really screwing up our brains. This show lets us know that we are not alone in questioning these things. Chelsea Handler isn’t afraid to question others and get down to the nitty gritty, all while maintaining a sense of humor.

I would not recommend this show to people that get easily offended as Chelsea Handler has little to no filter — however, this makes for an extremely entertaining watch and is a breath of fresh air in a society where we are constantly worried about offending one another. So, if you have four hours to kill on a weekend night, definitely take a look at Chelsea Does on Netflix.

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