Get Period Freedom With THINX Underwear

by February 5, 2016
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Have you ever wanted to say ‘fuck tampons/pads’ and just freestyle in your underwear? I have, and except for a couple hours, it usually ended up a poor choice due to leakage. But for those couple hours where I could rock it, t was total period freedom.

With THINX underwear, every day can be period freedom. The company graciously sent me a pair of black boyshorts to try, and to my surprise, they gave way more coverage than I thought was possible. Not to my surprise, they were way more comfortable than a pad or a tampon and I didn’t have to worry about changing them throughout the day or even at night.

I’ve been looking for something that’s more environmentally friendly and better for my body, and was contemplating trying a menstrual cup (let’s be real, those things look scary and difficult to get out) and this instantly solves all my issues. The only issue I have now is that I need more pairs of THINX. The best part? This is going to save me SO much money long term.

Rightfully titled Period Panties for Modern Women, THINX isn’t just practical, they’re sexy. My black boyshorts fit right in with the other pairs in my closet, and for those of you who prefer other styles, there are hiphuggers, high-waisted, sport, cheeky and thong. Did you ever imagine you could rock a thong and nothing else during your period? How radical.

In case you’re wondering how THINX works, here’s the run down: They’re absorbent, so they hold up to two tampons worth of fluid. They’re moisture-wicking, so they keep you feeling dry. They’re leak-reistant, so even your whitest pants are safe. And they’re anti-microbial, so they fight bacteria.

THINX is proudly committed to breaking the taboo surrounding periods not only in North America but around the planet. They believe in a world where no one is held back by their period. Designed by women in New York City and made by women in Sri Lanka, the THINX factory is family-run and provides education and training to their employees, empowering them to become leaders in their communities.

For more info on THINX and how to purchase your own radical period panties, go to

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