Treat Yourself This Valentine’s Day With the Eva by Dame

by February 13, 2016
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The Eva

Many women don’t experience an orgasm during the act of penetrative vaginal intercourse, but there are toys that can help. Using an external device, like a small vibrator, during sex is something that can help you achieve orgasm. However, it also requires a little more effort and concentration to keep the item in place, which may detract from the overall experience. Sometimes having to keep your hand down there to hold your vibrator in place can not only be awkward but take away from the experience.

Enter the Eva. The Eva is a small vibrator with three powerful speeds, that has two “arms” (referred to in the instructions as “wings”) extending from it which are meant to be tucked into the woman’s labia. The vibrator then rests on top of the clitoris and stays in place during intercourse. Covered in medical-grad silicone, the Eva is quite comfortable to use, and has three speeds that are controlled by a button right over the clitoris. It doesn’t take too much effort to push, which is nice as this can be a problem with other vibrators, and it turns off after running through the speeds.

The highest speed might be a bit much for some women, as it’s quite intense. Truth be told, the first time I tried to put the device in place I had it running at the top speed, and I didn’t even last long enough to get the wings tucked in. One could have a little bit of fun with the Eva by placing it in and trying to walk around wearing it – a snug-fitting panty should hold it in place – although I wouldn’t recommend it as the motion of walking could cause the device to fall out, and while the panty would keep it from falling to the ground, it might cause some awkward movements and expressions in public. Also, especially with the fastest speed, the Eva is not loud but not exactly silent. So, giving off a low-grade buzzing sound may not be wise.

The Eva is charged via a USB port that can either be plugged into a computer, or into a power source that goes into a wall outlet (which comes in the box). The first time you plug the charger in, you literally have to pierce the silicone to make the hole, which stays open. As a result, the Eva cannot be submerged in water, and it’s best to keep as much moisture away from the opening as possible when cleaning it (I recommend anti-bacterial toy cleaner).

The toy may not stay in place during all sexual positions (and you may have to stretch your labia a bit to get it in, especially the first few times), but when used it will definitely help you achieve orgasm, as well as give your penis-wielding partner some of the vibrating sensations too. Hands-free fun for everyone!

The Eva is available at The Traveling Tickle Trunk for $135.

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