I Am Enough: An Album That’s Bringing the Music Industry a Breath of Fresh Air

by March 22, 2016
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Heather Mae

Heather Mae was struggling to get her music heard for seven years – until she was told she had nodules and might not be able to sing again. Angry that her life had turned out this way, she decided that if she was going to take another shot at music she was going to do it right this time. So she launched the Kickstarter for her album I Am Enough, an album empowering listeners to be themselves, and by January 31, she had raised over $18,000 – that was $3,000 more than her goal!

The resident of Washington, DC is currently in the process of recording I Am Enough, with the demo for her first single, ‘Hero,’ on her website for those that helped fund it. The demo, which seems fully ready for radio play, is certain to give you chills. An upbeat, jazzy pop song, ‘Hero’ is every bit as appealing to the ears as it is empowering – just like the artist set out to make her new music. She sings, “I may be broken, but my feet are still on the ground, and if I give up this queen will never be crown/Even under ashes, I’ve got glory, and I’m the hero in my own story.”

We’re so excited that Heather Mae stuck it out despite her nodules and is working to inspire people around the world to write their own happy endings. To celebrate the funding of I Am Enough, Amanda, Editor in Chief of FLURT, spoke to Heather Mae over email about her Kickstarter campaign, upcoming album and what she’s learned about following her dreams.

Amanda: Tell me about the album you’re making and why you decided to start it.

Heather Mae: The record is the product of two years of self discovery. That sounds like I’m waxing poetic. I am. So, let’s be real. After a career busting my ass to get noticed, writing and performing songs I didn’t care about, I got nodules and was told I might never sing again. I went into this pretty dark place after that. Not only because I couldn’t do what I love, but I felt like I didn’t get my chance to use my voice for good. I had all these things I believed in, things I wanted to change in the world and make better, issues I wanted to write about. So I made a promise to myself: If I ever got the okay to sing again (which I did just 9 months after my diagnosis), I would do it differently. I would use my music and my voice for good. That’s what inspired the creation of I Am Enough.

Read the rest of the article in the spring 2016 issue here.

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