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by March 15, 2016
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FLURT Magazine Spring 2016 Cover

Just because we’re used to doing things a certain way doesn’t mean they can’t be done better. This is a truth I sometimes find difficult because once I’ve got something down, I become set in my ways. Whether it’s learning how to run things smoother at FLURT or in my every day life, progress is necessary, and we need to learn to embrace it in order to create a better future for ourselves and for those around us.

One person who’s not only embracing change but driving it is our cover model, Jessamyn Stanley. The self-described ‘fat femme’ is redefining a lot of things – what a person doing yoga looks like, how yoga is taught and the materialistic priorities yoga companies thrive on. Jessamyn is one of many young people who are changing the way things have always been done and in turn creating a more inclusive society.

This group of people is opening up new conversations regarding what it’s really like to live with HIV/AIDS, the importance of using ethical makeup in beauty tutorials and getting rid of the plus size label so that we all just wear ‘clothes.’ They encourage us to look past the status quo and ask the questions, “How can we be better, do better and run a better society for future generations to come?”

It’s time to start a discussion about how we can redefine what’s already been done. And if you’re wondering where we can start, I’ll give you a hint – you’re already working to change the status quo by reading a socially conscious magazine.

Pick up the Spring 2016 issue here.

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