These Natural Cleaning Products Will Make You Want to Clean More Often

by March 10, 2016
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Clean Conscience Cleaning Products

Clean Conscience Cleaning Products


When I decided to move out of the room I was renting and into an apartment of my own, I knew that I would need to think differently about what products I purchased since the first time I moved into my own place. Six years ago, there weren’t many natural cleaning products on the market that I was aware of – but now, there’s an increasing demand for natural products even in the smallest towns. After remembering a brand called Clean Conscience that I came across at a farmers market this summer, I contacted the owner, Amanda Schofield, to see if she would let me try some of her products.

Amanda is originally from Victoria, Canada, and says that even though cities in British Columbia have been more progressive for some time, natural cleaning products are becoming high in demand, even in places like Alberta where she now runs her company. The entrepreneur says she went into business for the same reason a lot of people do – she wanted to see better products on the market. When launching her cleaning company in 2002 and initially using the typical chemical cleaners on the market, Amanda noticed she was developing skin and breathing issues and decided to see what else was out there – eventually leading to creating her own cleaning products line for her and her staff, called Dusting Divas. In 2012, after closing her cleaning business, Amanda reformulated the products and launched the newly branded Clean Conscience Natural Aromatherapy Cleaning Products.

Clean Conscience is a home brand that not only gets the job done but uses only natural ingredients like therapeutic essential oils – providing a non-toxic atmosphere that leaves your place smelling divine and gives you a clean conscience to boot. Amanda wanted to be sure that her cleaning products were effective but also ethical, so she uses natural ingredients such as Biosecur, an organic disinfectant. Not only does Amanda have everything you need to clean your home – such as dish soap, glass cleaner, deodorizing cleaner, heavy-duty degreaser, stainless steel cleaner, laundry detergent and all-purpose disinfectant – but her products can also be used in a variety of ways.

For example, the all-purpose disinfectant can be used on any area that needs to be cleaned, including toilets, cutting boards and bath tubs. Plus, Amanda’s glass cleaner is made with sweet orange and cinnamon, and it can also be used as an air freshener on couches, clothing, bed sheets and garbage cans. Additionally, the degreaser, made with sweet orange and lemon, isn’t just great for cleaning stubborn stains on stoves, pots, floors and even clothing, but it can be used as a floor cleaner and with laundry detergent to treat stains more thoroughly as well.

Other favorite products of mine are the glass cleaner, made with lavender and rosemary (It smells so amazing, so I’m glad it can be sprayed anywhere and not just glass!) and the dish soap, made with lemongrass and sweet basil, which makes washing dishes a much more relaxing experience. The laundry detergent, made with rosewood and sweet orange, leaves my clothes smelling fresh and my mind more at ease knowing that I’m not wearing harmful chemicals on my body. And the all-purpose disinfectant is by far my favorite product because it’s so versatile it makes cleaning easy-peasy and leaves my place looking and smelling beautiful.

As someone who’s hated cleaning for years because I grew up with asthma and was seriously bothered by harmful chemicals, Clean Conscience is a godsend. I don’t have to worry about what toxins I’m using and how it’s going to affect my health. In fact, essential oils have been proven to help health issues like asthma so that you can breath better! If you’re looking for natural cleaning products for you or your family, Clean Conscience is not only the smart choice, but it’s also an affordable one with products ranging from $6 to $14 CAD.

And if you love Amanda’s products as much as I do, Clean Conscience also distributes a full line of pure essential oils. Essential oils such as cinnamon bark and sweet basil can be bought on the website along with a diffuser for your car so can take them wherever you go. The oils are purchased from ethical producers around the world.

Amanda gives back to the community by partnering with One Love Africa Foundation to help women in places like Tanzania to start their own businesses by making and selling natural cleaning products called Freshi n Safi (‘Fresh and Clean’ in Kiswahili). At the time she’s only able to ship to Canada because she’s focused on keeping prices for the consumer low, but I’m confident that her products are going to be international very soon with the growing demand. If they can make me want to clean more often, I know you’re going to love them!

Freshi N Safi Business Owners with Amanda Schofield

Freshi n Safi Business Owners with Amanda Schofield

For a complete list of Amanda’s products or to order them for your own home, visit her website at

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