This Photo Shoot Is Empowering People to Feel Perfect the Way They Are

by March 12, 2016
filed under Activism

Photo Credit: Tim Padgett

Photo Credit: Tim Padgett // Models: @MissSabrinaSprinkles, @HelloKittyBabe, @Stasialuv5, @MaryJaneDoe, @MissAnneMary

Anne Mary, body positivity activist, has a slogan when it comes to her understanding of beauty: “Any shape, any color, any size.” She believes that every person is beautiful — and that everyone should know it.

“I am a size 18, and I believe fashion should be for everybody and with no limit to self-expression, fun and beauty,” says Anne Mary, who admits that her belief in body positivity was born from an unhealthy history with fat-shaming.

“I started to think: Why me? Why can’t I wear what I want? Why can’t I have bright colors? Why are others so concerned about my size? And I decided, no matter that I’m not a public figure! I will join the army of body positive activists,” she says.

Body positive activists are taking over the internet with their self-love these days, but Anne found her own army off the web — and recruited them for an incredible photo shoot using the hashtag #imperfect. We love this hashtag because of its double meaning: It can read, “I’m Perfect” or “Imperfect.” Either way, we love this message of embracing our qualities that society tells us are imperfections and loving ourselves wholly.

On March 5, Anne and her team had one goal in mind: “To create the most diverse group of models as possible to accurately represent the reality of women in the world, as well as the modeling industry. We have to show people that no matter what size and height we are, we all have to feel beautiful about ourselves.”

Check out a few of the photos below, along with each model’s body positive message to people everywhere.

Model @MaryJaneDoeNYC

Photo Credit: Tim Padgett // Model: @MaryJaneDoeNYC

“This weekend taught me something important: That more women need to be their own individuals and not copy or look for attention for self-confidence. You are enough. We are all different.” – Mary Jane

diana ceri

Photo Credit: Tim Padgett // Model: Diana Ceri

“My confidence and beauty comes from being a mom. My child is a reflection of me, and I want to teach him that no matter what people say, you have to be comfortable in your own skin.” – Diana Ceri

Model: Anne Mary

Photo Credit: Tim Padgett // Model: Anne Mary

“I’m thick, and I am a model. I have pink hair, and I am an office employee in Midtown Manhattan. Be bold. Stay strong. Don’t look for others’ opinions; don’t compromise your own style.” – Anne Mary

Anne would like to extend her thanks to the make-up and hair team: @Tania_Bogun, Eric at @EBMArtistry, Maura Guyote, Diana Ceri, and @Vanessa_Braun_MUA! Check out Anne Mary on Instagram @MissAnneMary.

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