“Bernie Sanders is Proving that What’s Right Can Also be Possible”

by April 1, 2016
filed under Activism
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“I’m not against Hilary…I’m just…I met someone I have more in common with.” Comedian Sarah Silverman has been known to be passionate about social causes, and she’s speaking out about why she’s choosing Bernie over Hilary in the 2016 U.S election. Sarah says that a lot of people are voting for Hilary because they don’t think Bernie can win, but that the candidate has been on the right side of history every single time, and he’s running for president without taking money from big corporations – something that’s been unheard of in politics. Sarah says that Bernie is a once in a lifetime candidate that supports giving everyone the same rights, and that the issues he supports are indeed achievable because every time he’s supported an issue, even when they were the unpopular vote, they came to be popular years later.

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