Smart Mini Vibe Plus Review

by April 20, 2016
filed under Sex & Dating

mini vibe

The Smart Mini Vibe Plus is a very fun, small external vibrator that has a lot of playful possibilities. There is only one vibration setting if powered by its on-board on/off switch, and it is a quite powerful one – not too powerful though, so those who like a speed that is fast but not overwhelming should enjoy it.

However, one speed alone would be boring, so the Smart Mini Vibe Plus has a number of ways in which it can vibrate – if you have an app on your phone. The app allows one to control the vibrations while set to music or voice, go through a variety of speeds and patterns, or even play games. The app is readily available to download and makes Smart Mini Vibe Plus ideal for partner play because one person can work the app while the other has the device on their sensitive bits.

The device is shaped in such a way that it easily fits into a panty, and has something that looks like a plastic wrist strap coming out of it, perhaps for adjusting it, if left to dangle out from the undies. Otherwise, I can’t really think why it is there. It is made of silicone and ABS plastic and washes easily. It is not waterproof and I would not recommend getting it too wet or inserting vaginally (or anally), as the plastic part comes away from the silicone part to expose the charging area, which is done via USB. It takes a couple of hours to charge for three or four hours of usage time.

I found the app a little convoluted and difficult to go from feature to feature. This can be annoying when in the middle of play time. When using the device without the app, the little button is somewhat difficult to press, and you have to hold it down quite hard and for a few seconds to turn off.

I view the Smart Mini Vibe Plus to be something of a novelty rather than a go-to device for personal pleasure. It definitely has potential, but I think the app needs to be easier to use, and the device needs more choices for those who do not wish to use the app. Actually, it’s the app that sets the device apart from other vibrators with a similar size and feel, so unless you really like playing with your smart phone while getting off, you would probably do better with something simpler to use.

The Smart Vibe Mini Plus is available at the Traveling Tickle Trunk for $98.


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