Get to Know Danie, the Filmmaker Behind the Ambassador Video!

by May 1, 2016
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FLURT recently worked with Danie Easton from Eastowest Productions in Vancouver, BC to create a promo video for our FLURT Ambassador program. We loved it so much that we had to share with you who the creator was behind the camera. Editor Amanda asked Danie some questions about why they started filmmaking, what advice they’d give aspiring filmmakers and how you can work with Danie in the future.

Amanda: Tell me a little about yourself and how you got into filmmaking.

Danie: I am originally from Kamloops BC, and I started my filmmaking at the young age of 14 in high school. Those videos were pretty good at the time and now when I look back are pretty hilarious (because they are so bad), but those started me into the right direction to where I am now. I attended university for film and it gave me the knowledge, but I was timid to step up and show what I could do. In my final year I had the opportunity to stand out. I shot my first documentary and it was a really good one, visually and story-wise. Ever since then I started going out and just shooting. I wouldn’t be where I am without the support I have in my life – the people around me who push me.

A: Why did you decide to create our FLURT Ambassador video and what was it like working with our volunteers in Vancouver?

D: I had been approached by a FLURT writer, who is a friend here in Vancouver and he suggested to get involved. It was nice working with the Vancouver volunteers – they were all very kind.

A: What kind of projects are your favorite to do and what do you want to work on in the future?

D: I would say my ‘favorite’ projects to do change constantly, and I think that is because I am always working on new styles of videos, from documentaries, music videos, weddings, corporate, dance to lifestyle videos. I always take up the a project even if I haven’t done it before because you never know what new things I can learn. At the moment, I am really enjoying lifestyle videos, and in the future I would love to continue shooting projects I am passionate about, such as documentaries or travel with famous artists to document their tours and publish those on YouTube.

A: What’s the best way for people to find you and your work online?

D: Instagram! I am big on posting short video clips on instagram, so that you can get an idea of my style. If you like it, contact me. Otherwise go to my website at

A: What advice would you give other aspiring filmmakers?

D: Don’t let other people’s opinions get you down. If you like it and you’re having fun then keep going.

Find Danie on Instagram @eastowestproductions

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