The Price of Protesting

by May 20, 2016
filed under Activism
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What are the consequences of becoming an activist? Connie Levitsky was fired from a plus-size retailer for using the word “fat” and refused to take her job back in the name of fat activism. Here, she talks about the effect it’s had on her life, as well as some things to consider when getting involved in a cause you care about.

Connie says: “As I mentioned in the video, Amanda van Slyke, the Editor In Chief of FLURT, has begun accepting monetary donations on my behalf to help me cover some of my bills while I continue searching for employment. This is not something I asked her to do, but something she offered to do to help me. If you would like to donate, please contact Amanda at Additionally, if you are in the Edmonton area and know of a potential job opportunity, please e-mail the information to Amanda, and she will pass it on to me.”

If you’d like to read more about Connie’s experience losing her job and standing up for what she believes, read her article here.

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