10 Reasons Why I Love Being Bisexual

by June 21, 2016
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The world is slowly but surely becoming more accepting of LGBTQ+ sexualities and the fluidity of gender identities. Nevertheless, female bisexuality continues to carry a slew of negative connotations and stereotypes. Because it is difficult to grasp that sexuality is not a simplistic, black-and-white binary, many people can’t wrap their minds around the idea that a woman could possibly be interested in both genders.

My attraction to men has been undeniable in a primal and conventional way for the entirety of my life. My unconventional attraction women has been undeniable as well, though much more complicated. The first girl crush I ever experienced was in the sixth grade at Catholic school. As the daughter of a devoutly Catholic family, my attraction towards Bridget, a brunette girl in my science class, felt confusing and distressing. I was not supposed to like girls — this was not Catholic and I would go to Hell. And how could it possibly be that I liked boys as well? How could I have equal physical and emotional attractions? At the time, these urges did not fit with what I believed to be traditional norms.

Nevertheless, I felt driven to explore my attraction to women as a young adult. Aside from a few giggly nights of Spin the Bottle or drunk make outs with my girl friends, I stayed silent and in the closet until I reached college, where I was finally given the freedom to explore my sexuality.

Now that I have distanced myself from my religious upbringing and explored my sexuality and identity, I fully embrace my natural instincts towards bisexuality. My interest in men and woman ebbs and flows with my mood. I score a 3 on the Kinsey Scale, meaning that I am equally heterosexual and homosexual.

As an openly bisexual woman, I am unfairly subjected to labels and prejudices. I have been told that I am ‘just going through a phase’ and that I am ‘seeking male attention.’ I’ve even been told that I ‘must love threesomes.’ I have been called ‘confused,’ ‘hypersexual’ and ‘indecisive.’ Society certainly holds preconceived notions about the implications of bisexuality, so it is imperative that we understand what this sexual identity truly means for bisexual women. While my experiences are unique to my personal situation, here are 10 of my favorite things about being a woman who is interested in men and woman. 

  1. My life is full of beautiful possibilities. Being bisexual is much like being an avid reader — when you are open to all genres, you open yourself to more experiences and opportunities to broaden your horizons. As a bisexual woman, I am able to interact emotionally, spiritually, and sexually with people from all walks of life.
  1. I have more opportunities to broaden my social circle and forge new friendships. I am a member of several clubs and communities for women interested in women. I often go to socials, mixers, and events for bisexual and lesbian women. I recently moved to a new city, and I was able to immediately click with a community of strong, friendly, open-minded women. I have made meaningful friendships and relationships with amazing people that I know will last a lifetime — friendships that I may not have opened myself up to as a straight woman.
  1. I bond with other bisexual women over shared experiences. As a bisexual woman, I am thrilled to be a part of community of a some of the strongest willed, kindest, and most loyal women I could ever imagine myself being fortunate enough to call my friends. It is the shared adversity of our life experience that have bonded us together in a way that most strictly heterosexual women will never experience.
  1. I am not constrained. The traditional view of womanhood would dictate that I should marry a man, have children and raise them in a suburban home with a white picket fence. Thankfully, the world is becoming more progressive and people feel the freedom to live different, more colorful lifestyles. As a bisexual woman, I am not constrained to live my life traditionally or according to society’s rules. I can be engaged in relationships with all genders and open myself to more wonderful, unconventional ways of living my life and expressing my sexuality.
  1. I am able to open myself to more of what life has to offer. As a liberated woman who enjoys exploring her sexuality, I get to enjoy the entire buffet of life instead of confining to myself to one small corner. I am open to more paths and journeys. I am free to do what feels right in my heart.
  1. Having twice the fun dancing at clubs. Like most women, I enjoy going out and having fun and letting my hair down. When I go out on the dance, I can dance with women or men — or both — and know that I’m going to have an amazingly fun time.
  1. Variety is the spice of life. Not just sexually. Being bisexual means that I get to engage in relationships with men and women, and engage in more experiences.
  1. I have twice as many celebrity crushes. Megan Fox and Channing Tatum. That is all.
  1. I broaden my scope on Tinder. As a bi woman, I am able to interact with an even broader and more diverse spectrum of people. This extends to dating apps, where I get to swipe right on men and women! (One downside to being a bi women on Tinder is that everyone assumes that I am willing to have a threesome. They call us unicorns.)
  1. Best of all, I get to be unabashedly myself!

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