5 Netflix Shows to Binge This Summer

by June 22, 2016
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While I love going outside and enjoying the sunshine during the warmer months, I’m also a big fan of staying inside. It’s cool, there’s food, and there are no mosquitoes! Plus, Netflix has been rolling out some grade-A programming lately. Here are five of the shows I’m looking forward to the most.

  1. Orange is the New Black – Netflix’s most-watched original series came back with a bang for its fourth season on June 17. If you are one of the few people who have never seen this show, here’s a brief rundown: Piper Chapman (played by newcomer Taylor Schilling) is a 30-something, middle-class New Yorker who is sentenced to fifteen months at Litchfield Penitentiary for drug-related charges in connection with her ex-girlfriend Alex Vause (Laura Prepon), an international drug smuggler – who ends up also being sent to Litchfield. The cast of characters is amazing, as are their back stories, which we get to see more of in the fourth season. Plus, rumor has it that a major character is killed off. If you haven’t gotten started on the newest thirteen episodes, get yourself to Costco for a bulk pack of tissue and snacks, because you are in for a ride.
  1. Lady Dynamite – This hilarious series is loosely based on the life of Maria Bamford, a comedienne who often jokes about her struggles with depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder. Bamford moves back to Los Angeles after a six-month period in a psychiatric unit to recover from a depressive episode, and the series follows her journey to build a life up for herself, with the help of her agent, Bruce Ben-Bacharach (played by Fred Melamed). There are also some great celebrity guest stars, such as Mark McGrath, Sarah Silverman and Jon Cryer. And if one season isn’t enough to satiate your appetite? Check out her self-produced show on YouTube, The Maria Bamford Show. While there are only a couple of episodes, they’re all raw Maria, along with cameos from Maria’s family. Be sure to check out her stand-up routine on Netflix, The Special Special Special!
  1. Hibana (Spark) – If you’re looking for something different, check out this new series based on the first novella by Naoki Matayoshi, a comedian, screenwriter and novelist hailing from Neyagawa City, Japan. Netflix’s first Japanese original series is centered on comedian Tokunaga (played by Hayashi Kento), who has a chance meeting with established performer Kamiya (Namioka Kazuki), who offers Tokunaga the opportunity to apprentice under him in exchange for Tokunaga’s authorship of a biography of Kamiya’s life. However, the tables begin to turn when, as Kamiya teaches Tokunaga his ways, Tokunaga’s fame begins to surpass that of Kamiya’s. If you’re feeling adventurous, or have a firm grasp of Japanese, why not check out the original novel? Released on June 2, the series is now available on Netflix worldwide.
  1. Stranger Things – If you like the horror of Scream, but the sci-fi feel of The X-Files, then get ready for Stranger Things, which premieres on Netflix on July 15. Winona Ryder stars as Joyce, a mother whose search for her missing son unearths a small town’s secret experiments and supernatural forces, all of which center around a strange little girl. Based on the reviews, this is one series you’ll want to bring a friend for!
  1. The Get Down – If you’re a loud and proud musical theater geek, but are a fan of classic hip-hop, get ready for The Get Down! Set in South Bronx, The Get Down is a musical drama series that surrounds a group of misfit teenagers navigating their lives through the birth of the genre in 1970’s New York. This series is the first developed by Baz Luhrmann since Moulin Rouge, and looks to be a breath of fresh air for musical theatre. I don’t know about you, but I’m super pumped! The series premiers on August 12.

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