Heather Mae’s ‘I Am Enough’ is Empowering Us to Believe in Ourselves

by June 25, 2016
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iamenoughSince her Kickstarter blew up in December and raised over $18,000, Heather Mae has started a movement for misfits who grew up feeling like they weren’t good enough. In fact, her EP, I Am Enough, is changing the very definition of the word through five empowering songs that are perfect for radio play yet rebellious enough to be underground mantras for those who need something to believe in.

After all, the singer/songwriter from Washington, DC knows something about believing in yourself – after being told that she had nodules and might never sing again, Heather Mae decided if she was ever able to, she’d stop making music that didn’t rock the boat and instead make music that made a difference. She desperately wished she could have done things differently, singing about body positivity, LGBTQ issues, mental illness and figuring out this thing called life. And fortunately, she got that chance and released I Am Enough earlier this month.

The EP starts with Hero, a pop ballad where Heather Mae sings about being the hero in her own story, flipping the narrative for people everywhere who grew up being told that they needed a knight in shining armour to save them from themselves. Not only is it an empowering opening to the EP, but it lets the listener hear right away the full force of the artist’s powerhouse voice.

In the title track, ‘I Am Enough’, Heather Mae comes to terms with learning to love herself and the body that she’s been given – calling her flaws perfectly imperfect. She sings, “my body is not wrong/my body is not shameful/if you don’t like what you see/turn around.” And if learning to love yourself is revolutionary, ‘No Poor Soul’ is the theme to the revolution. Bringing hints of gospel and rock n’ roll to the pop-filled album, anyone would be hard pressed not to sing and dance along to the words, “this is who I am.”

‘Stand Up’ moves the spotlight on those who need to have their voice heard, and Heather Mae sings that she’s going to stand her ground until everyone has equal rights – such as those who are LGBTQIA, people of color and women. She states in her song, “change is coming.” Wanderer is the perfect ending to the EP, as Heather Mae sings about overcoming the vulnerability of opening up and creating a happy life with someone she previously never thought she’d have.

‘I Am Enough’ is indeed a powerful work of art in a world where it’s revolutionary to love yourself. The EP has already received positive reviews from around the United States to as far as Cologne, Germany. Heather Mae is currently touring the United States and tweeting about her travels @heathermaemusic. For more information on tour dates, visit her website here.

To download ‘I Am Enough,’ find it on iTunes.

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