The We Vibe Nova Really Gets Clitoral Stimulation

by June 23, 2016
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For many womyn, orgasmic pleasure (whether solo or with a partner) is only achieved when the clitoris is consistently stimulated – vaginal penetration alone does not do it for us. We Vibe is a company that really gets that, as demonstrated by the new Nova.

Nova is designed for solo use, and has a slightly curved dildo that gets wider at the front for penetrative G-spot purposes, but also has a thinner part with a more dramatic curve specifically for clitoral stimulation. The 10 vibration speeds and patterns range from rumbly to intense, with quite a range in between. There is dual motor action, so the entire device is active with the vibrations and pulses reaching from the base to both ends.

The best part is that the Nova moves with you. The clitoral part is very flexible, designed to stay in touch with the clitoris regardless of your thrusting action. The tech specs are great also: It’s 100% waterproof, making shower fun definitely possible; covered in body-safe silicone that is easy to clean; chargeable via USB (with a charge lasting about two hours); very quiet, especially considering there are two motors in there; and is also useable via an app, in addition to the control buttons physically on the device. It takes about an hour and a half to charge, and a charger as well as a storage pouch comes in the box.

Really, the Nova is the best of both worlds: A G-spot and clitoral stimulator. The problem with most vibrators that claim to do both (such as Rabbit vibrators) is that the vibrations simply do not reach all parts of the device with any amount of strength to have an effect, or the external part doesn’t stay put long enough for the person using it to reach orgasm. The Nova has solved this problem. That is not to say that the Nova will work equally well for all womyn, since we are all built differently. Some womyn might find the clitoral part to be too intense, since it is designed to keep constant pressure in that area. At the same time, some womyn may find that, due to how they are built, the clit stimulator may not reach or provide enough pressure.

That being said, the Nova is by far the most superior vibrator I have experimented with, in this style. While it is not super easy for me to get off with it just due to anatomical issues, it is the only one that has done anything for my clitoris at all. When teamed with the app, it can be used for partner play (the partner controlling the vibrations and pulses through the app), and I love that is is waterproof. If rabbit-style vibrators have never worked for you in the past, the Nova is worth a try.

The We Vibe Nova is available at the Traveling Tickle Trunk for $159.00.

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