10 Things We Love About Hillary Clinton

by August 23, 2016
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Now that the presidential election is only three months away, it’s time to start cementing which candidate will get your support. In case you’re still considering your options, here are 10 reasons why you should love Hillary Rodham Clinton.

1. She’s incredibly experienced.
Chuck Schumer, a Senator for New York, said, “Clinton is one of the most accomplished people to ever run.” He’s not wrong: After serving as the Secretary of State and the first female New York Senator, she boasts more credentials than other candidates. She managed to maneuver a career in law into working as one of the driving forces behind the (original) Clinton campaign. If you look at some of the legal changes in foreign policy over the last twenty years, she is most likely connected in one way or another.

2. She’s worried about climate change.
While some candidates are shying away from global warming, Hillary is tackling the controversial issue head on. With a large backing from the Democratic Party’s increasingly liberal platform, she plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and focus on generating renewable energy.

3. She stands up for her constituents.
With news articles popping up every day about our potential presidents, some of the most positive examples center around Hillary and her loyalty towards those she stands for. One man’s story about his own experience has gone viral recently. When he was having difficulty paying for medical treatment, Hillary intervened and ensured that he would be able to receive the help he needed.

4. She supports immigration reform.
Since Donald Trump first announced his intentions to ‘build a wall and get Mexico to pay for it,’ immigration has been one of the hot topics of the upcoming election. According to her website, Hillary plans to introduce immigration reform within her first 100 days in office and expand affordable health care to others regardless of their immigration status. And, perhaps even more importantly, she does not take xenophobic or ethnocentric stances against others.

5. She’s got support from people who know what they’re talking about.
Apart from three former presidents—Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter—several other high-ranking officials have also endorsed her. In addition to celebrities like Lena Dunham and Meryl Streep, her long list of supporters includes Madeleine Albright (former Secretary of State), Michael Morrell (former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency) and Bernie Sanders (former rival for the Democratic presidential nomination). If the industry’s experts are willing to back her, then she’s definitely a candidate worth your time.

6. She has first-hand knowledge about the position she’s running for.
Who is better suited for the Oval Office than a former First Lady? She attended strategy meetings for Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign back in Arkansas and had her own office in the West Wing. No matter what is said about her, Hillary will go down in history as one of the most independent and headstrong women in American history.

7. She supports women’s rights.
At the 1995 United Nations conference in Beijing, Hillary stated, “Human rights are women’s rights and women’s rights are human rights.” She founded Fayetteville’s first rape crisis center and did pro bono work in child advocacy. Since her influential speech, she has prioritized equal pay, family leave and reproductive rights. Her proven support of feminism and gender equality earned her the support of Planned Parenthood and NARAL Pro-Choice America when she was still fighting for the Democratic nomination.

8. She’s winning the support of some Republicans.
Admittedly, a lot of these voters simply want to avoid the nightmare that would be a Trump presidency, but a noticeable amount of Republican voters have been turning against their party to support Hillary. With blog posts titled ‘This Lifelong Republican Will Be Voting for Hillary’ and ‘I’m a Republican Voting for Hillary’ popping up around the internet, there’s never been a more divisive time to be a card-carrying member of the GOP. While some of these voters are burning their cards or voting for a third party candidate in response, even the most diehard Republicans are able to find something in Hillary’s policies that they agree with. Ted Cruz preached this sentiment at the Republican National Convention, when he encouraged the audience to ‘vote their conscience.’

9. She’s made mistakes.
Hillary is human, and she hasn’t always made the best call. Her voting history has contradicted itself at times—but isn’t that true of most politicians? Hillary has an extensive and decorated history, but that comes with so many years in the (incredibly public) spotlight. She’s human and has learned from each public scandal and questionable error. If she is elected into office, we will reap the benefits from someone who has gotten those mistakes out of the way beforehand.

10. She could be our first female president.
Whether you choose to vote for Hillary or any of the other candidates, this will be remembered as an unprecedented election when we had the option to vote for a female Democratic candidate. This isn’t reason enough to vote for her, but it is an additional reason to appreciate her influence in this election. The glass ceiling is finally on its way to coming down — that alone speaks volumes for our progress as a nation, and hopefully we will continue to see its effects in the elections to come.

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