Basic Roots is Bringing Raw Vegan Treats to Canadian Stores

by September 10, 2016
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Raw vegan nut cheese

Raw vegan nut cheese


I’ve been working towards going raw vegan for years – a diet consisting of only pronounceable, plant based ingredients – and although I’m not there yet, having ready-to-go options that I can find in the stores helps immensely in adding the diet to my everyday-life. I began looking into “clean eating,” as some call it, when my health was at its worst and I knew I only wanted to put real, unprocessed foods into my body. Throughout this journey, I’ve come to treat my symptoms through whole foods and have never felt better – and businesses like Basic Roots are part of the reason I’ve been able to enjoy eating this way.

Basic Roots prides itself on getting back to what matters: Raw, plant based foods that taste great and do the body good. With a wide variety of treats to enjoy, they have something for everyone – from raw chocolate chip cookies with your cup of cocoa to raw cheese and crackers to even raw honey with your tea. Whether you’re looking for a way to get enough protein from plants, a healthy snack to curb your cravings or a treat to take on the go, Basic Roots provides the ‘yum’ when it comes to raw vegan snacks. Ingredients like raw cashews, coconut sugar, coconut oil and cacao can leave you knowing that you made the right choice in your diet.

I was fortunate enough to try all of Basic Roots’ products so I could report back to you, so here’s my review of each of them:

Moon Cookies:
This creamy cashew nut cookie melts in your mouth and comes in three different flavors: Raspberry Moons, Cacao Moons and Pistachio Moons. Being a chocolate lover, the Cacao Moons are my favorite because they curb my chocolate cravings while staying true to my healthy lifestyle. There’s no processed sugar in this cookie to spike my blood sugar only to leave me feeling tired after I crash – just a rich, decadent treat I can enjoy during PMS and beyond. Moon Cookies come in packs of three – either Raspberry, Cacao, Pistachio or mixed – so that you can pull them out of the fridge or freezer for a quick pick-me-up.

Goji Macaroons:
Speaking of chocolate, these macaroons are not only perfect for getting your chocolate fix without the crash, but the goji berries inside are a superfood – meaning they’re nutrient-rich with health benefits. These treats are great for when you need an energy boost, and filled with yummy foods like chewy coconut, chia seeds and cacao nibs and a touch of maple syrup. Goji Macaroons come in either a large or small pack, so you can keep them in your cupboard for later or bring them with you on a hike.

Paula, the owner

Paula, the owner

Raspberry Buttons:
Have you ever had a raspberry jam tart? These taste exactly like that – except they’re way healthier for you! Filled with sweet pecans and Brazil nuts, they make a buttery button cookie that’s irresistible. Using Irish moss, a detox and digestion aid, as well as house-made organic raspberry jam, Raspberry Buttons come in either a small or large pack so you can have with your morning tea or eat them on the go as a snack between classes.

I gave up cheese long ago because I realized dairy gave me acne and digestion issues – but who knew I could eat cheese that wasn’t just delicious but also good for me? Basic Roots’ dairy-free nut cheese is amazingly creamy, and comes in a variety of flavors such as Herb de Provence, Pink Peppercorn and Smoky Chipotle. My favorite is the Herb de Provence, as it has a light flavor that goes with anything – but if you’re looking for something more exciting, the Pink Peppercorn has a little kick, and the Smoky Chipotle has an even bigger one.

You can’t have cheese without crackers, and just like I was pleasantly surprised with Basic Roots’ dairy-free nut cheese, I was even more amazed that they had gluten-free crackers packed with real flavor. On the website, it says that their rich flavor will make you powerless to stop eating them – and it’s true! Their Big Cheese crackers were so amazing (they were actually cheesy!) that I had to go out to buy more so I could finish off my cheese. If you’re looking for a lighter option to pair with your raw vegan cheese, the Tuscan Sun Crackers are perfect.

Apple Cinnamon Granola:
If you’re in the market for a trail mix to bring with you everywhere – the Apple Cinnamon Granola is your go-to. This granola is gluten free and made with ingredients such as rolled oats, buckwheat, pecans, dried apples, raisins, goji berries, hemp seeds, honey and cinnamon. It comes in a generously-sized resealable bag, but I warn you that if you’re anything like me you’ll go through it fairly quickly. Have it with coconut milk in the morning, or pack some of it alone to take to work or school.

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies:
These are by far my favorite products from Basic Roots. Not only are they gluten free, but they’re the perfect protein-snack-slash-comfort-food. Since they’re raw vegan, they’re totally good for you – so you can have them for breakfast with some fruit or for dessert with a cup of cocoa. Basic Roots’ Oatmeal Cookies come in either a small or large pack – but you’ll make less trips to the store if you just buy the large.

Goji Macaroons

Goji Macaroons

Fig Bars:
Remember those fig bars from your childhood? You’ll like these more – and so will your body! Another great protein snack, they’re gluten free, sweet and filling – and they come in small or large packs so you can either eat them at home or bring them with you while you’re running errands. Rest assured that Basic Roots’ Fig Bars are a timeless classic that you won’t have to give up when going raw vegan.

Raw Honey:
I thought this was going to be just like any raw honey I’d bought before. But just like everything else Basic Roots creates, this version is better. Raw honey has health benefits that no other sweetener has, and this one is thick and rich, with notes of caramel and burnt sugar. It’s perfect to go with your tea or eat alone if your sweet tooth is tugging at you.

Basic Roots hails from Calgary Alberta, Canada and retails in numerous locations around the city, as well as in Edmonton, Canada and British Columbia, Canada. For more info on Basic Roots and where to find their products, go to

Basic Roots is giving away a basket of goodies to one lucky reader! The basket values at $115.00 CAD and includes everything you need to start enjoying the raw vegan lifestyle. If you live in Alberta or British Columbia, enter to win this yummy giveaway by following us on Instagram @flurtmagazine and @basicroots and like the contest photo on FLURT’s Instagram before September 18th, 2016.

Have you tried Basic Roots’ products? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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